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Unshowered, Hanging-out in Easy Chair, with Laptop

June 14, 2008

It’s not cute.

But it could be worse.

It’s name is Bunionectomy. It’s twin enemies are: Throb and Swell. It’s best friend is Loretab.

It looks like this:

And for some stinkin’ reason it really wants potato chips. No. Not the healthy crap that seems to be only thing in the house (whose great idea was that—buying good for you snack food??) It REALLY wants the nasty kind of chips. The kind with ridges. The kind with heart attack amounts of salt. Enough salt so that you have to wipe your hands on the back of the couch every time you eat one.

Oh and Chunky Monkey.

And so far. Whatever it wants, it gets. Next I think it wants ‘New Piano’.

Mundane Made Maddening

April 21, 2008

I just got the heating bill in the mail.

It is $50 less than last month! (Let’s not talk about how it should have been $50 less LAST month….)

Instead let’s do some George Bush funny math. Since it could have been even colder this last heating cycle (see–global warming is good for something) it’s really like I saved at least $70, right? And with that $70 I could clip lots of coupons and save plenty on toilet paper and Suddenly Salad. Saving myself even more, right? I was going to buy TP and noodles anyway, so now I’ve increased it up another $20. And if I think about how I did not have to run the air conditioning this month (like stinkin’ last year), oh I must be up to $200 at least. There must be a few other bills and such that I’m saving on and don’t even know it. What I’m getting at is this;

I would like to spend our special George Bush Tax incentive money on a new-ish piano (ours is very sad–charity wouldn’t even haul it away for FREE!) . Hubby doesn’t agree. And don’t you think that if I tell him how much I saved this month alone without even trying…. Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Notice the mirror added onto the poor thing 70s style? And the lack of a real piano bench? And the craptastic finish? Oh, and the piano tuner made it very clear there will be no more ‘tuning’ in this piano’s lifetime. I know I shouldn’t complain it was free for crying out loud.

What are you spending your cash on? Maybe my math skills can help you out. We are alphabetically challenged and won’t get ours for another several months. I’ll work on changing his mind by then.