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Snow Day

February 6, 2008

Every weekend since early October. Snow. We woke up Sunday morning to nearly a foot of really wet stuff and lots of blowing and drifting. This is in addition to several inches that hadn’t melted from the last 3 storms. We got an early call Sunday Morning, -Sacrament Meeting only this week, all other meetings cancelled, and only those with 4WheelDrives advised to attempt the drive up to the building. That counted us out. Official snow day for the Us.

Much earlier than that phone call I woke to a pulled shoulder muscle. I still don’t know what happened. How do you pull a muscle while sleeping, in. your. own. bed? I spent the morning dosed up with the maximum amount of Ibuprofen, and a heat pad. Seth was a trooper and went out in the still blowing and snarling storm to start the shoveling. I was having a hard time moving, much less shoveling?? 10yrold trooped on out to help him, and 7yrold helped me inside unloading the lower part of the dishwasher since the bend and reach option was out for me.

In addition to all that shoveling (mind you the plow gave us a lovely 4 foot wall of ice chunks at the end of the driveway), Seth began making his mother’s recipe for cinnamon rolls.

Now who can imagine a more sexy guy than that? See those manly arms rolling out the oh-so-delicate dough?
We froze some of the dough to make scones maybe next Sunday—I’ll post the results if that works out!