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If You Give a Blogger a Recipe…

April 20, 2009
Kate the Great from Cooking During Stolen Moments
has created an eCookBook. Where did she get the recipes for this eCookBook?
Well, two are mine! She has added my Pistachio Cake and My Veggie Bolonese…

But there are other recipes from online blogging buddies of mine!

  • Daisy (my favorite poet) from CompostHappens has added Mosaic Muffins.
  • @David_Tinney (my awesome Twitter pal) has added T-Bone Steaks.. um.. YUM!
  • Katie (the BuildABear winner) from Good Life {Eats} has added Vanilla Sugar Sweat Bread.

I don’t know about you, but I could be talked into buying the book just from these offerings! But there are over 170 recipes total!

What is the cost? A donation. I’d recommend $20 for the full recipe book, and you decide if you only want the cookes, or breads or even a main dish book! The books are available now, hurry!

All proceeds are going to Share Our Strength, please read more about the virtual bake sale on Kate’s blog!

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