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HTML Code For A Custom Tweet This Button for Blogger

March 1, 2009

Okay, for a while now I’ve been trying out various methods to add a TWEET THIS button to my Blogger Post Template. You know? The little Twitter Bird at the end of posts allowing readers to directly tweet out a post!

Well, now I’ve got it. Just in case you want one…??

First locate a Twitter Birdie icon, or create something in Photoshop or Elements quick!

In blogger go to settings/formatting scroll down to post template and place this code in the box. .

Tweet Me from YOUR BLOG HERE

The parts in ALL CAPS are the custom parts you will replace.

  1. The words you want to show in the tweet.(Mine says “Tweeting about this GoodNCrazy post!”)
  2. The tinyurl of your blog’s home page.(If you want a tiny url of your actual post you can manually change each time for just that post if you want.)
  3. The photobucket image of a bird. (If you don’t know how to use photobucket or need a free twitter image, contact me!)
  4. Your blog title.

Test my example here:

Tweet Me from

MORE bloggy tutes