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A Twofer Cuz I’m humbled

January 6, 2009

I was all set to write up this great (and snarky) post about how my parents came to visit over the weekend. They got in town just after New Year’s and they brought my little old grandma, who is pushing 90. She has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and she hasn’t fully adjusted to not living on her own. And while her short term memory is non-existent, she can recall with full clarity and even annoyity (forgive my fake word) the smallest details about a trip they all took down the California coast 30+ years ago!

(4 generations)

I was going to write how my parents have raised 10 kids with a few extras sprinkled in for good measure. And they have really never lived alone empty nest style more than about 6 months at a time. A sibling (along with their kids and/or spouse) moves back in while waiting for a house to get built, or while waiting for a divorce to finalize or while some other part of their good & crazy life gets settled. And now they have my grandma living with them who is little more than a kid. Complete with the fact that she goes to daycare during the day!

I was going to write how my parents traveled over 10 hours to visit us for only a few days so they could support my 8yrold who was getting baptized. How the weather get’s scary in this part of the country and the roads…ahem… aren’t always cleared very quickly.. (grrr).

I was going to write a thank you to my parents for all they have done for me and are still willing to do…. (And I’ll still get to that.)

But instead…

I’m writing a giant thank you to Jay over at Half Time Lessons.

(And to Deb from Dirty Socks and Pizza)
Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

I’m not even sure why? Why would he chose to be a woman if he could? Why he compared Jyl and I and Mom It Forward to Mother Theresa… Or was it Jenny McCarthy??

#GNO started because I was lonely. And I selfishly figured if I taught a couple online friends the Twitter ropes on a Tuesday night in September ’08, I would get some more social fulfillment… And I did. Boy did I ever and MORE! #GNO– where everybody knows your na-a-ame….

Wow, it’s amazing to see the stories and willingness unfold from so many women through #GNO (and men…yes you… Jay and Chris and Steve). And humbling. Even surprising that there are so many people who ‘get’ the Mom It Forward vision. Can we help each other while strengthening ourselves and our families and our communities… Yes We Can! (thanks Bob). And Thanks Jay. I plan to visit you in YOUR community and Mom It Forward… Don’t be scared I’ll give you warning first!