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Making The World Cuter

December 18, 2009
Hi GoodNCrazy Peoples!
I am so excited Carissa is letting me take over her blog for a day!

Let me introduce myself.
I’m Tiffany, you can call me Tiff.
I blog at Making the World Cuter...

…and I take pictures at Pumpernickel Buttons. Photography.

{YAY My IRL friend Tiff Hewlett -you can find her on twitter as @TiffHewlett – is going to TUTE you! Yup… she is over there ‘making the world cuter’ day after day and she agreed to help make MY GoodNCrazy world cuter too! Here’s how she’s going to make YOURS cuter….!}

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The Candy Bar Cake Gift Wrapping!

Ever need help figuring out what to do for those people on your holiday present list who are hard to shop for and you end up buying them a gift card?

You have them on your list, am I right?

Last year I searched the internet for “hard to buy for people ideas” and I came across Candy Bar Cakes. How cool! I thought it was a good idea until I looked at the price. Hello… $40!

Could I still get a good gift certificate and figure out not only how to make a candy bar cake, but also use it as the wrapping for my gift card, instead?

I’ll show you how I did it!
From last year…

Other ways to use the Candy Bar Cake Wrapping:

  • Jewelry
  • Movie
  • Video Game

Please see the full tutorial here for making your own super cute, make your gift world cuter, candy bar cake! My husband and I whipped one up last night in about 30 minutes, and had a blast making it (we only ate a few…). You can make this in time for Christmas, and think how much more tasty and fun getting that gift card will be when it’s wrapped in all this sweetness!

“Thanks for having me Carissa, it was fun!”

You’re welcome Tiff, thanks back atcha… and thanks for keeping me up so late at Bookclub last night!!