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iVillage Has A New Look: New Launch!

November 20, 2009
Hands down the best part of the NEW launch of

The Food section!
iVillage new Food recipes

The recipe section will blow you away, easy to search, fabULous pictures, and the Kitchen View is perfect for grabbing the lap top and bringing it into your workspace! Another thing I really like is the TWIST feature. Check out this over-the-top WOW-factor Sweet Potato Ball Recipe? Note at the bottom of the recipe how someone has already uploaded their own twist on it?!

One more really cool thing is that they encourage your interaction and comments (they call them ‘Chimes‘). As in Chime in your thoughts here! You don’t even have to be signed in to join in -I mean Chime in.. Easy, Fast and MOM ready!

iVillage recipes sweet potato balls thanksgiving

goodncrazy blue dots

I searched the Food portion of the site with the word Thanksgiving. Here’s a sampling of what came up:

Wow look at this. A whole section of Thanksgiving how-to recipe VIDEOS!!

I was all over the Thanksgiving on a Dime Video, but check out these how-tos:

iVillage food recipes videos tutorials thanksgiving

goodncrazy blue dots

And what about leftovers?


31 Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers…

  • Corn Bread and Ham Muffins
  • Turkey Calzones
  • Turkey Tortilla Soup
  • Ginger and Chocolate Bread Pudding

Want to see the rest of the leftover list?
I know you do!