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Indoor Boredom Ideas, Rainy Day Or 100 Degrees!

July 27, 2009
GoodnCrazy summer series Help! My kids are driving me crazy!
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Indoor Play activities: Great ideas for younger kids.. Create-a-Road and Pinch and Clip

Visit Playgroups USA Wow! what a fabulous amount of information and ideas about creating, joining and keeping your playgroup interesting! See this massive list of activities.

Rainy Day activity ideas for kids ages 6-10… I love the Family Education site for great kid fun ideas!


Anything with water! Bubbles in the sink, giving Barbies a bath, ‘painting’ the doors or any other hard surface with a paintbrush and a small cup of water… you get the idea…
Build a Fort.. let the kids imaginations run wild… spaceships, camping tents, or just plain playing ‘house’… help them out by suggesting wacky items from the kitcen as impliments for their adventure… a spaghetti spoon becomes the magic wand that drives the UFO, a rolling pin is the steering mechinism…
What rainy day or WAY too hot day indoor activity do your kids love.. feel free to share with us!

Kids In The Kitchen: Quesadillas!

July 20, 2009
GoodnCrazy summer series Help! My kids are driving me crazy!
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Olé! It’s Fiesta Time!

Jennifer from Savor The Thyme has provided an excellent post about creating fabulous Quesadillas with the kids! Jennifer is a Stay at home mom and fun foodie blogger!

We have all been told to let our children ‘help’ in the kitchen and I have found that not only is it a great way to teach them about cooking, it is also a great way to empower them. What kid does not love the ideas of getting to make their own choices or ‘do what they want’? One way we let our kids have their free rein is when it comes to making Quesadillas. I simply place all of our favorite ingredients (and sometimes throw in new one) out and let them choose and assemble it.

This is truly a great way to entertain the children, use up leftovers, AND create a frugal and healthy meal.”

I love how Jen created a buffet of options for the kids to ‘try’… mine are always willing to try something once! They don’t always like it, but I think it’s really important to keep them trying!

See the rest of her post and ideas for Lil’ Kid Quesadilla options!

For Mom! I have been looking for a swim suit for.. well the whole summer! What do you think? Will this one work? I found a new althetic store called cool stuff huh?

I just came across this great book! You Think It’s Easy Being The Tooth Fairy? Hilarious! By Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt. (catch her on twitter!)

For tweener girls. GirlzLikeMe! An intriguing site where girls can safely upload pictures of themselves and talk with other girls. There’s a place to upload artwork and other creative ways to express themselves. Plus check out the blog. I like that this site is run by a young girl!

Car Travel Tips for Family Road Trips from

Fun Stuff for the Car: BackSeat Boredom Printables from

Geocaching: What is it? Summer Series Week 6

July 9, 2009
GoodnCrazy summer series Help! My kids are driving me crazy!
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One of my earliest blogging pals is my feature today! Her name is Arizona. I know, AWEsome name huh?? She writes a blog titled Travel Bugs. And lately her specialty has been GeoCaching. Geo-What? Believe me, you are going to love this! And talk about perfect for the summer-time boredom doldrums!
She has written a Geocaching How-To Guide and here’s what she has to say about Geocaching:
Geocaching is a high-tech game of hide-and-go-seek using a hand-held GPS device. It may sound difficult, but it isn’t. It’s a great way to get the whole family outdoors. It’s also a wonderful way to bond as a family since you all have to work together to find the “hidden treasure”.

A geocache is a hidden container. The container can be a simple, small magnetic key holder with a simple logbook inside or it can be as large as a 5 gallon bucket. A fellow geocacher hides it in a location and provides the GPS coordinates so others can locate it with their GPS devices. That’s the whole idea behind geocaching; find the cache! Then, go online to log your find and share your experience.”
And since we got that GPS for daddy for Father’s day… think he’ll mind if we try it out this week!!?
Feel free to share your geocaching ideas!

Speaking of LOOONG Road Trips! How about these? A block of topics for family discussions! Including things like: What’s your favorite family tradition? Or What family or school rule would you most like to change? From
What a terrific summer series! check out CAMP wanna-laffa-lotta! Great ideas, Great fun! From the creator of LifeAsMom Thanks to Katie for the submission!

Give Kids a Camera! What a great idea from Bonnie of BonnieLovesPhotography! She suggests handing kids a disposable (or inexpensive digital) camera to play with while YOU take pictures of them! Great chances for fun shots and keeps them busy and entertained too! Bonus… often the pictures they take turn out better than you’d think!

EAT Your Veggies! {I Mean It!}

July 1, 2009
ImageBoo Free Web Hosting
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How to get your kids to eat healthier without pulling your hair out.. {or theirs!}

I want to introduce a fabulous woman, mom and Doctor! Dr. Joanna Dolgoff has created a weight loss program especially for children. You can find more information about her work at DrWeigh. She also hosts a weekly Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern, #kidsweigh. Follow her @JoannaDolgoffMD.


I recently was reading the blog attached to Dr. Dolgoff’s website. And I came across her post about how to get kids to eat their veggies.. you know I was all over that! Here’s what she has to say…

Mothers continually struggle with trying to get their kids to eat more vegetables. The question arises, should moms sneak veggies into their children’s food? Or should they spend their energy convincing their kids to eat vegetables on their own?

It is clear to me that it is worth the extra effort to get your children to eat vegetables knowingly and willingly. Sure, you can spend your time mashing up carrots and chopping up spinach to sneak into your daughter’s pancakes. But what will happen five or ten years from now when she is living on her own? She won’t be used to the true taste of a veggie and she certainly won’t have the time (or patience) to julienne her own greens. Your victory will be short-lived.

You are much better off teaching your sons and daughters to enjoy the taste and the crunch of a vegetable. It may seem easier said than done but there are some strategies you can use to make the process easier.”

red peppers and onions

She then lists 10 Easy Ways to Get Your Children To Eat More Veggies.

I especially like number 10. She has come up with a fabulous way to sneak veggies in even while at a restaurant. I am sooo trying this out the next time we are out for dinner! Check out the other great ideas and let me know which one you are going to try?

Eat, Play, and Be Healthy shows you how to feed your children to ensure that their young bodies and minds enjoy full and healthy growth at every stage of development. Written by W. Allan Walker.

Do you have any Looooong road trips coming up? I do. So what’s a mom to do to find a healthy fast food restaurant on the go? Yup. Subway. AND they have a contest going on right now to win $1,000!

My fellow blogger and friend Elizabeth Donovan has created, a resource for parents of girls. This is an article revealing The Truth About Soda and children.

Photo by: scriptingnews

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Kids In The Kitchen: Week 5

June 29, 2009
Welcome to the Summer Series Boredom Busters!
Check out the whole series: Help! My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!

What could be more fun than Breakfast for Dinner?

My Featured Foodie today is Kate of Cooking During Stolen Moments! She comes up with fabulous baking ideas and I’m excited to share her Breakfast Pizza!? What… you ask, is that?

Well lately my kids have been GaGa over biscuits and gravy. We’ve been eating ’em for dinner for pete’s sake! So when I saw her breakfast pizza idea… I WENT Yippee!

Here’s What Kate said about her recipe:

Breakfast pizza has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve eaten it a few times at restaurants and really enjoyed. So I’ve always wanted to tackle making it myself. However, all of the recipes I’ve seen for it have seemed like they would be too dry.

Today I finally figured out a creative solution and decided to have some fun experimenting. I’m so glad I did because the results were delicious. This recipe is somewhere between a cross of sausage and gravy with biscuits and breakfast pizza. It’s a perfect any-time-of-day meal.

For the recipe and instructions please click over to Kate’s Cooking Blog.. we plan to make it this weekend, and she assures me we can cheat and use store-bought biscuits or crescent rolls to speed up the meal and make it easy for my kids to make it!

And totally check out her other site when you have a chance:
A Simple Walk


I don’t know whether to love this SouthernFairyTale girl or be a little bit jealous of her.. Rachel has come up with two new fab recipes that are great for kids to make! Sunshine Cake and IceCream Cone Cupcakes!


This is more for me than the kids. I HEART banana…ANYthing. So when I saw banana cake with chocolate cream frosting? Okay? Sold. Please meet my friend Mary Beth and her icebox banana cake! I will forever know her as @Cupcakes5… and I mean.. isn’t that better??


Since you can never be too early or too prepared for Halloween… here’s a fabulous Ghosts-On-A-Stick recipe to get you prepared… I love basically EVERYthing from Noble Pig… you will too! Plus here’s the link to her whole Halloween series!

My pal and goto guy for the hard cooking questions like brining a turkey (!)- Mr. Chris Perrin of BlogWellDone fame, has created a terrific kid friendly TACO recipe, including great tips for teaching kids in the kitchen, and safety!


Check out these melon ball appetizers! Wow Prociutto? I’m in! Kate’s blog Tribeca Yummy Mummy is… YUMMY!

One of my newest BFFs on Twitter is @SavorTheThyme, please check out Jennifer’s Egg and Ham Sandwich! Wow… my kids are all over anything eggy lately! I think this is for lunch!

Please contact me if you have a great Kid Friendly Recipe to add!

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HELP! My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy! —Week 1

June 4, 2009
Catch the whole Summer Series click here!
Is it summertime already!

Tank angry

Are your kids driving you crazy? Are they bored stiff?
Tired of pulling your hair out, trying to come up with great ideas?

Ready for some awesome solutions?

Or hey… do you have some great summer-time fabulous suggestions to share?

Welcome to the GoodNCrazy summer series where we will:

  • A. Beat the Heat with your Kids

  • B. Stop the Whining

  • C. Save Mom’s Sanity

  • D. All of the Above!
How you ask?
Once a week, I’ll be listing kid friendly—help a mom out— ideas!
Kid Friendly Cuisine.. and I don’t mean ‘you make it they eat it.’ I mean Kid COOKING friendly cuisine… I’ve roped a few of my favorite foodie bloggers into helping me out. My kids will try the recipes out first. So I promise they will be good!
Kid Friendly Crafts.. yes.. the kind they can do basically on their own! (The best kind huh?)
Kid Activities... ideas, places, stuff to do with kids this summer!
Mom Crazy Finds for your Kids… fun kid stuff, creative solutions for kid problems, and more!

Let’s Kick It Off!

FIRST: I want to introduce you to an outdoor active campaign sponsored by!

Called Go Play OutSide! You don’t have to be a grandparent to log your kids’ outdoor hours.. I’ve logged mine this week— have you? Need some outdoor ideas? No Problem!

There are 97 outdoor fun ideas to get you outdoors. (YES I Said Ninety-Seven! Wow!) In easy to download PDF format. I’m looking at making a sundial, playing flashlight tag under the stars, playing frisbee and making a grass leaf whistle.. great ideas and most of them are free, time spent with kids, time spent outdoors… perfect to save this mom’s sanity, how ’bout yours?

SECOND: I know they shouldn’t watch too much TV. But sometimes (admit it) it’s a necessary evil to help stop the whining! Here’s my favorite solution: When it’s mid afternoon siesta time, send them downstairs to watch a video, or play some video games. And I’m totally grooving on these amazing YogiPoof Bean Bags? I might have to join them!

THIRD: I mentioned video games… here’s one to counteract the afternoon siesta.

The new Wii EA Active.

We are loving using it as a family activity! Watch my kids play, they are so intense… and even my 4yrold straps on the leg strap and gets his little work out on! Take the 30 day challenge!

See the whole Summer Series and Save Mom’s Sanity!

Does a long summer with your kids make you feel (and sometimes look) like this?

Angry Monkey

Would you rather everyone looked like this?

Sedona slide rock kids giggling

Then Help a Mom Out!
—Please share your ideas for a happy kid friendly summer.

Include recipes, activities, crafts and outings!

Leave a link to a post you’ve written that will help us all keep the GOOD and lose the CRAZY!
(I’ll hotlink directly to your posts in the next week’s issue, thanks!)
YES. Click where it says You’re next! Then come back and leave me a comment!

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photo credit: Seth Woodworth and Danny Boyster

Boredom Busters: Summer fun for Kids…

July 9, 2008

Here’s our second idea from the ‘big list’ to beat the summer duds and doldrums.

Help your kids put on their own Kid’s Camp!

We’ve managed it twice so far. First Sassy makes handmade invitations. She then delivers them to with kids up and down our street. They read like a birthday party invite, so of course everyone’s thrilled. They add: cost is $1 per kid. (Yeah, don’t usually add that for birthdays, eh…?). Mom has already fronted the cash for some dollar store crafts. Sassy and Sadie then make up some P-nut butter rice crispies, and (after finding out one of the little boys up the street is a diabetic) Sugar-free Kool-Aide.

Once the kids show up, they are divided into three groups (which my daughters insist on calling ‘centers’—school language these days has changed eh?) One group to the garage for chalk art and giant bubble blowing contests. Second group to the backyard for swinging fun and splashing in the kiddy pool. And last group was supposed to be at the art station.

BUT… have you seen the little make it yourself bouncy ball kits?

I thought they seemed like the perfect craft for kids to make and then TAKE outside, right? Wrong.

They do work up easy enough, just pour in mold (only one comes in the kit however), and dip in water. (Weird? The scientist in me really wants to know what the heck the reaction in water is doing!?) Here’s the but part. They take a while to dry out and be usable…as in play OUTSIDE with?? Plus I really had to do all the craft part, the tiny dust/beads were hard for little fingers to pour into the ONLY mold. And ONLY one person could be making one at a time…

Back to the camp.

After a few rotations. And the snacks were well eaten, (and the kids were well soaked from the splashing part). It was time for Ice Pops, and good byes.

Including mine, there were 11 kids total. And enough money to buy supplies for the next round…

As if.

But it does get some serious creative juices flowing in my kids for the preparation part. They planned everything out down to the last crumb. And they get so excited on the actual ‘camp’ day, it’s great to watch them!