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Our Saturn, Our Barbie Car

April 14, 2009

When you are graduating from Law School, with a mortgage worth of student loans and you live in Brooklyn and you have a 6 month old baby and you can’t afford to eat a slice of bread with another slice of bread for a sandwich…

What kind of car do you buy? A Saturn.
We leased this baby back in 1998. We finished the lease 3 years later only to realize turning it back in would cost us more than just buying the dang thing. So we paid it off a few years later. We figured…once we got settled… once we moved into a house… once we had a couple kids….once it needed more repairs than a new car payment would cost us?

Never happened.
ELEVEN years later, 150,000 miles, a cross country move, 3 kids and 4 job changes later… still ticking. The dang thing loves us. Never breaks down. (DO NOT ask me about the momvan.) We purchased the A/C ‘upgrade‘ but not much else. Manual window opener… did you even know they still existed? No cruise control. I mean how do people drive on freeways anymore with out that..? WE DO.

Even though apparently it will keep driving until we have grandchildren old enough to drive it! There comes a time when the grown ups need to feel like they are not driving around town in a Barbie Car. That’s what we affectionately call it. It’s time. I’m just sayin’.


Oh… so fun! Car shopping. (We call that date night!) Most of the ‘team’ at the hubby’s office drive around in Monster Trucks. (After all we live in tinysville rural to the extreme.) The executives insist on wearing jeans to work. But we aren’t falling for that.. we’re thinking…

Choice number 1—

Subaru Tribeca

And I mean with all the bells and whistles. Comes with all wheel drive but after the snow-plow-less winter we just endured.. we are seriously wondering if FOUR wheel drive is what we need (not a monster truck mind you) but…

Choice Number 2—

The Ford Escape

Not as huge of a gas guzzler as the Explorer, but does have a model that includes Four Wheel Drive. Don’t need too many fancy gadgets, this is mainly a commute vehicle (all 1.2 miles of commute- our rush hour is hilarious BTW.) But you wanna know what the hubby’s dream upgrade is? Should I tell ya?

An MP3 adaptor built in. Yup. The radio stations here? I don’t really know how to explain this clear enough.

As in… rotten vegetable fart—stink.
Sorry but they do.

If you had to choose between the Tribeca and the Escape…??

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