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Giveaway! BuildaBear Gift Card

February 17, 2009

Well This. Is. It.

My own personal Blogavershury!
I’m one this month.
Yessirree. I blogged my whole year away. And to celebrate…

Build A Bear $25 Gift Card For You.
(If you comment. And follow the rules. And you’re nice…and maybe say happy blogavershury)

My daughter a year back wanted a bear from Build A Bear something fierce. And we said sure, but they are kind of expensive… How about you work towards earning half and we’ll pay half…

And kind of like that. (I mean not that you are my kid or anything…)

But Today? I have a Build A Bear gift card for you in the amount of $25… now that will buy you an awesome bear (or Frog) and you can find great ones on the site (and they aren’t naked or anything) for about that price. But if you are willing to save your pennies like my daughter.. you could have this one in time for dying ‘O the river green!

$38 for Irish Dancer Happy Go Lucky…

Or this one for your very own luv bug (I know you have one).

Love Bug Brown Sugar Puppy $24

Hawaii Hello Kitty

And does everyone need a Hula Hello Kitty?
I think you do.

Okay for the boring blah blah blah.. 2 rules.

1) when you comment (and I know you will..right!?) you MUST share at least one other person’s awesome blog url with me. No you can’t put your own url, that would be cheating and cause for kickoutableness.


2) you must click the cute little tweet bird and tweet about this contest… don’t have a twitter account? Then post this link on your Facebook page. Don’t have a Facebook page? Um.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Just contact me and I’ll hook you up with some social media good, yes it’s like heroin and yes I’m the dealer in this scenario.

Yes you must complete both steps to qualify. And let’s see.. This contest will end… Friday Feb. 20th at 7PM Pacific Time. Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah.Thanks for a great year!
PS. you should probably leave a way for me to contact you.. don’t know how to connect your blogger profile to your email? Here’s a TUTORIAL. And I’d love to have your twitter username!

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I’m getting cold feet…

January 9, 2009

No really.
I mean as in COLD.
My feet are cold. All winter long. Every day. Every night.

I could write a whole post on how much I LOVE my electric heating blanket. DUAL sides so the hubby can sleep at a normal temperature. LOVE my blanket. As in saves my marriage…

Okay back to my feet. (but I heart that blanket..)

Someone told my husband that while volunteering for the Utah Winter Olympics they found socks that really did keep their feet warm. And while my husband was on a business trip to Vermont… he just happened to walk into an LLBean store. Now that’s cool on it’s own of course.. But they had THE SOCKS.

And even better? He bought me some! Merry Christmas! (He got himself some too don’t worry).

Wanna know what they are? You do don’t you?

Should I tell you or keep them all to myself? (I would you know?)

Okay since you asked so nice… They are SMARTwool Brand! And the best part…
YOU don’t have to head to Vermont to buy them. You can buy them online! Enjoy.
There are children’s socks.
Dad socks.
Mom socks.


The only problem…? I only have 3 pairs… you really need one for every day of the week. THAT good. That warm.

As good as the electric blanket? Well… yes!