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Father’s Day: A Tribute

June 16, 2009


AND… Voilá
I gave them some ideas… but honest to goodness they created these all by themselves. Turns out middle girl child has some sort of artistic gene… Where did that come from??


No. Not making a card this year. Here’s what the big guy is getting:

A Global Positioning Device!
Where’s Waldo THE DAD!??

Best Price I’ve found is on Amazon. He picked it out himself… apparently all these trips he’s been taking lately for work, turns out, he’d really like a PORTABLE way to not get lost! And so by all means..

Is this a great father’s day gift or what??

What did you get for the father in your life?

Cheaper Than Therapy

Angie was so sweet to feature me yesterday!
Please stop by her blog and give her a big hug from me!

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Do you RA(w)K?

December 5, 2008

RAK= Random Acts of Kindness.

Do you RA(w)K?

Random Acts

Small or big?

Here’s my plan. To actively find (at least) one RAK everyday for the month of December. Will I blog about each one…? Probably not. I hope to have some RAK for the bloggy world too… hmm have to get creative about that eh?

Here’s one big thing my family is doing this year. We found through our little town an organized program where you ‘adopt’ a family. You get the clothing sizes and the genders of the family members and maybe some small items on a wish list. You then do the shopping for these items, wrap them up and bring them in for the organization to deliver. Talk about the perfect thing to do with my family this year.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for us this year, nothing awful, ups and downs and lately I’m having a hard time listening to the me me me whines coming from three three three little kids. They will get so much more out of picking out a Christmas for another family, than continually whining and picking out more more more for themselves.

How about something small I’m doing? This might sound evil or selfish but honestly I am working on patience while standing in long lines this year especially when there are *not so smart* people ahead of me or whatever… Sure I’ll let someone in line ahead of me and all that… but my big..okay little RAK is to be kind while in line.

And for you?

Some girly shops. Why? Because you RA(w)K.

Dusty’s Designs.
Lately people have been asking –how can I get a great little 125×125 button, or –I just need an etsy banner or –how about a new holiday themed blogger header? My friends, this is the place. She makes these for $5, and from what I can see she will work up a custom banner in awesome style! FIVE DOLLARS? WhooHoo! Nicole is behind these great graphics!
I met this next shop girly gal via twitter when I noticed her talking about fabric…well of course I had to follow her and find out what/why/how…
Sweet Girl Boutique is her shop, and if you dig a bit you’ll find her fabric shop too! Are we in heaven? Girly stuff AND fabric? Yes.
And for the girly girl’s stomach? Wow, I’m in heaven looking through these. I think the grapeseed infused oils will make awesome gifts… I’ll be keeping one for myself, TYVM.
See Kristie’s Wildtree site.

And last… I love Funky Finds. I’ve had conversations with the girly girl behind this one and she cracks me up and finds awesome items. I see coupons and discounts over there right now… go take a look…


And remember..
reminders from the dashboard (RAK 3)
Photo generously allowed by Jill Allyn @ flickerJillAllyn


I Just Fell In Love…{with a book}

November 23, 2008

I literally Tripped over This Amazing Children’s Book:


Are the illustrations killing you? I nearly had a coronary when I looked through the pages!
They Floored me? Made me go…huh?
The warped circular images force you to search and re-search through each image because you are convinced you might have missed something. It’s a cross between Escher and an Ispy book! I am so excited to see how my little boy will react to the pages of this book? Talk about the best Christmas present for a little kid!

Here’s my favorite line from the book….

“While Uncle Chuck’s Cow Whispered Meow.”

I love this dreamy page at the end of the story… with the words:

But you remembered you just closed your eyes
And turned off your sight,
And when dreams come
They come in the middle of the night.

Can you so totally hear my 4yrold chanting that last bit?!
I can.

Welcome to SteamPotVille,

I say… don’t forget your creditcard. This book is only $13.99!

Steve Ouch is the real person behind the book and you can find his brand spankin’ new (yes, I’m jealous) wordpress blog here, and follow him on twitter here, and of course GET THE BOOK here! Steve did not ask me to review his awesome book, I pretty much forced him to let me. He did however follow me on twitter, and that’s cool right? (Do you think he’ll mind if I ask him to sign my copy?)

UPDATE::::: Steve said yes he will sign my copy, and he said the book will be released in one day! Whoop!