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Strawberry {Daiquiry} Shortcake

May 18, 2009
Sorry Folks—It’s A Virgin Daiquiry
{Mormon thing again..}

Inspired by Betty Crocker. I changed a few things so I hope they don’t mind?

It was great fun to walk into Safeway looking for Strawberry Daiquiry Mix… there I am standing in the alcohol aisle with a fairly perplexed look on my face. My kids in tow, asking, mom what are we looking for?? Good question I’m thinking? Talk about having no idea what I was doing! The recipe calls for a bit of non-alcoholic mix… but the best I can see is a GALLON sized Jug of the stuff? How many cakes do they think I want to make here! Oh I see the writing now, PARTY size… I get it… backing. away. slowly

Turns out I found the frozen stuff in a much smaller dimension; I left looking a little less like an alcoholic Mormon at least!

Birthday tradition dictates stawberry shortcake every year for the hubby’s birthday, and since basically I’m incapable of sticking with the same thing twice, I generally experiment and try to find the best Shortcake Recipe possible…

I was hoping this cake would be the one! But this needed a dose of moisture. In the form of some sort of fat maybe? Sour cream..? or Keep some of the egg yolks…? or Did I over bake it? I’m not sure.. but the flavor was great! And we all loved the topping spiked with Daiquiry mix! I should have doused it with a few drops of rum flavoring whadayathink??


White cake mix (follow directions on box) plus add 1/3 cup Daiquiry mix-I didn’t even dilute the mix first… but like I said, I would keep some of the egg yolks and add something else in there to make it more moist? Yougurt, sourcream, applesauce…

Bake in 2 round pans.

Whip up a pint of Whipped Cream (and hooray no problems with the Cream this time around!) Add 1/3 Cup of Daiquiry mix as you whip it.

Spread on the cakes and top with sliced strawberries… Sure Looks Purty!

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