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Not One But Two…More Good Than Crazy

April 10, 2009

First Up:~~~

LapTops For FlatTops

I have two siblings who joined the Air Force, and a brother-in-law in the Army. I live in a country where others fight wars and conflicts that keep my family safe. My husband unknowingly got on the train on September 11th and entered NYC that fateful day. (Read his story, and my story.)

I am grateful for the men and women serving in the armed forces. What better way to celebrate Good Friday, than to celebrate the GOOD these people do for all of us?

Military Wives Go the Extra Distance Imagine one of those serving was your Husband or your Wife. And how grateful you would be for email to communicate! (photo by

Now imagine you don’t have a computer and communicating with your spouse overseas is hard?

If you or someone you know has a
family member in the military and could
use a new laptop to communicate:

Here’s an Essay Contest for military families to win a laptop for their family and a webcam for their serving spouse! (Get it? Laptops for Flatops…!?) It is sponsored by And they are giving away a laptop and a webcam to two deserving families each month for the rest of the year!

Please read all the contest rules (the essay can only be 400 words):

Submissions must come from a family who has an immediate family member (husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter) who is serving in the US Military in a location not in the continental United States.

Please email the contest link to any military families you know! Thanks!

School Supply Drop
Photo by dvidshub

And Second:~~~

A Chocolate Spa Getaway Weekend

Did I get your attention? I know! CHOCOLATE. check! SPA. double check! I’m in. And by in, I mean I am entering this contest baby… YOU should too!


Write a 300 word essay. You just have to explain why your best girlfriend deserves this Chocolate Spa Vacation to Hershey, PA. (Staying in the fabulous Hotel Hershey of course!) This could be about your close friend who just got divorced, your single girlfriend who could use a pick-me-up, or your married confidant who needs a getaway!

If your essay is judged the best entry by contest standards, BOTH you AND your girlfriend will win Airfare, Hotel Stay…


Over $400 (four hundred) worth of Spa Treatments, including a Swedish Massage, a Facial, a Chocolate Wrap and Lunch in the Oasis- a lite lunch of salads, soups and wraps at the spa in your robe and sandals.
There’s more… but honestly after I read about the Spa Treatments I couldn’t see straight anymore…! This contest is sponsored by:

And they are all offering additional prizes…
Seriously. Go check out this contest! Deadline is April 17th!

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