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Should I Be Concerned?

February 5, 2010

Today in my regular mail:


First: The National Bone Marrow Donor Program found me again. I have no idea how. Not that I’ve been hiding. But they are amazing. I registered to become a bone marrow back when I was 19. And I never think to tell them but every time I move… they find me.

Second: A mailer from my local hospital with this on the back:


Well gee I thought I did, but when it’s in all caps like that; I feel like checking my scales just to be sure I REALLY understand.

Third: A medical bill from a recent Dr. Visit.
That’s it.
Anyone else think it’s kind of ominous?
Some kind of bad Karma?
The menacing medical mail is out to mangle me?
goodncrazy blue dots
Photo from Stsock.xchng (doctored up a bit by me)

Not Totally Off the Grid…

December 18, 2008

Hey there dear readers,

I promise I’m okay. I promise I’ll be back.

A real life friend called last night, I think she was genuinely worried that something had happened to me… It reminded me that there are (or were!) some real life friends and virtual (but very real) friends who might be wondering the same thing…

Everyone is busy at the holidays right? So I’m no different. This is my first year running a ‘sales’ business during the holidays! And it’s fun and crazy and wild and exhausting… I have filled all the orders I promised. And I’m almost through with one that I only partially promised… and still crossing my fingers that I can get it in the mail AND it will ship in time for Christmas!

Plus we now live in a town that isn’t afraid to hold Christmas concerts… in fact they are pretty bold about it, don’t even say ‘holiday concert’… and I’ve been to three of them so far and 3 class parties coming up. And the snow and cold weather finally hit here (they’ve been warning us about it.. but we were all.. oh? we can handle it, lived in Utah for Pete’s sake…! Ahem.. had to go get STUDDED tires for the van.. what? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Now I do.)

Oh and a little thing that I managed to co-create… that little thing called #GNO over on Yeah, well. Due to the vision of my Biz partner Jyl, big things are happening, and bigger things seem to be coming down the pipeline every day. Stuff like this comes out of my mouth, “I have to run, cuz I have a business conference call…” I love saying that!

Yesterday we found out that the great Sugar Jones, had chosen to award MommyGossip-GNO with the $6,000 worth of HP magic she was giving away! Talk about hyperventilating…

We are so excited and we have great plans for what to do with ALL THAT STUFF!

We have been shaping our vision for several weeks now, and we really want MommyGossip-GNO to be a force for good, yes, in the most cheesy way… We want to change the world, one mom at a time. Can we do it?

We think so. We think Moms Make a Difference.


Kids w/ Cameras…

November 26, 2008

All photos taken with 11yrold’s camera.

All photos are cheesy.

And of course we MUST take photos of the piles of stuffed animals that litter our room.

And the cat. Of course. Right after we make her a bed under our bed, we must take her picture. Of course.

Finally I get to play along over at Angie’s House again!

Did you see the awesome children’s book below? Did you?

Mama Got New Jeans…

October 29, 2008

I did.

The good kind. NOT the kind where you fork over more than would buy two boxes of Costco Diapers.
The kind that you can wear every day. Wear IN. Make a mess of, throw in the laundry, wear the next day -rinse and repeat.

I had a pair like this. I wore them out. To holes. Plus. They didn’t fit anymore. Sad huh? They were all baggy in the butt? The what? I know..where did my butt go? I had to wear a belt? That’s impossible isn’t it? They stretched out right? Oh RI-AAAAght, that must be it. All the spandex.

So I shopped. At Old Navy for fancy pants sake. And THOSE Jeans didn’t fit either. Huh?

My size, the size I’ve been for 4 years? Was TOO large. Again with that…
TOO large.

I had to try on the size SMALLER. Yeah, RI-aaaght?

I wasn’t this size in HIGH SCHOOL people. Much less after three babies?

We call this the secretary syndrome. The stores are now sizing things so they appear to be smaller? Hubby’s secretary from eons ago, would walk into office and proclaim, OH MY HECK, look at my new outfit! It’s an 8! When the poor lady hadn’t been anywhere near a size 22 for the past 22 years. Much less an 8?

A Marketing Lie. Must be. Ri-aaaght?

You tell me.

SHARE YOUR WordFul over at ANGIE’s Circus!!

PS. From comments, this phenom is called “Vanity Sizing”! —Mamarazi
Oh my heck, I didn’t know it had a name?


October 17, 2008

Jello is a floppy thing.
It can be any color.
It can be yellow.
My Jello is yellow.
Look at that lumpy bumpy thing.
Is is a yellow little fellow.
Say hello little Jello.


By Sassy, my 7yrold.

PhotoStory Friday
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Tales from the Good N Crazy

October 3, 2008

Does this ever happen to you?

You have to pee. (Well I hope your plumbing stuff is working all right..) But I mean you REALLY have to pee! And when you get to the toilet…erm…there’s Cleaner in the Toilet!

Crap. You think. (No not literally)

Hubby put it in there and then LEFT! And then while cleaning it out, you remember Oh yeah? Told hubby to dump some Ajax in before he left for work.

And he did, (what a good guy?) But you’ve nearly peed your pants while you clean it!

And then.

You go to get in the shower and you turn on the nozzle and you realize, doh! Set to hubby’s height. Which is perfect for him and perfect to SPRAY you in the face!

And then.

Realize. DIDN’T bring in your towel! Have to drip all the way to the closet to get it.

*Gonna be a great day.*

Trying to send an email via blackberry to Jyl @ MommyGossip

I typed:

Email me your dang phone number!”

Blackberry typed:

“Email me your Fang phone number! “
(She is all that with Stephanie Meyers you know?)

Trying to reply to a blog comment via blackberry:

I typed:

“Hey where are you, I can’t find your blog?”

Blackberry typed:

“Hey where are you, I can’t Dung your blog?”
(Some sort of online practical joke it must think?)

I was making school lunches for the older girls. TK wanted one too, but I didn’t have a lunch box for him. And with the move I can’t find random crap, (LIKE SMALL BROWN PAPER BAGS!) I just threw a sandwich in a hand me down lunch box from the girls.

He was SO mad! It was PINK! He knocked it out of my hands! I was all taken aback at his violence. He looks at me with these puppy dog eyes and in a sing song voice says,
“Mom, what if they say…–you’re a gir-irl, you’re a gir-irl, you’re a gir-irl!?”

TK after eating his lunch:

“I’m FULL of it!”
Mom: You ARE full of it!
TK: I’m full of my noodles!

Okay… Turns out I AM THE ONLY one who cleans first and asks questions later…

See the comments….

While Watching House

September 27, 2008

To the tune of folding laundry….

Me: I think House is turning all Picket Fences…

Hubby: What?

Me: You know. Picket Fences was weird and funny and new and fresh…and then it just wasn’t anymore. I think the writers ran out of weird. Maybe the House writers ran out of snark?

Hubby: Oh? They already made up a phrase for that.

Me: What?

Hubby: Yeah. You say: this show has ‘Jumped the Shark’.

Me: Who jumped the what?

Hubby: Go google it. From Happy Days. The episode where Fonzie is waterskiing and ‘jumps the shark’, was the beginning of the end for that TV show. (Srsly click that link..The Fonz with leather jacket and all).

Me: Fonzie? From like 200 years ago? THAT Fonzie? How in all that is holy does Fonzie compare to HOUSE??

Am I showing my age or what?

YOU go google ‘jumping the shark’. Sounds like a naughty sex act if you ask me.


Robin just informed me that there IS in fact a website all about this. You can go vote whether you think House has ‘jumped the shark’ or not… I already told you how I voted…

Let me know if you do!

I’m still in love with Hugh for the record.

Random Froggy

September 17, 2008
Any guesses What the Heck this was for? Nope, wrong! Guess again.

Update on the holy wow crazy fun first Twitter GNO?

I could barely keep up with everything going on and I think everyone figured it out VERY quickly. You can too. Try to make it next Tuesday! We’ll be there at 8PM Pacific time…That’s 11PM EST for my East Coast pals (JiggetyJig that means you) 9Pm Utah time, and 10PM for Arkansas friends (I think)? Jocasta? I’ll wait up for you….

Sleep where you lie…

September 12, 2008

I know my kids aren’t the only ones to do this.
And maybe it should give me a clue about just how crazy our lives have been lately..
(Yes, that’s a $1 score at a recent garage sale.
Halloween Costume for 4yrold? Check.)

So much for the movie?

I posted this one already, but you understand don’t you?
She really was asleep like this.
And she really does it a lot.
I turned on the light even.
She just stayed that way?

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an excuse to post..

September 8, 2008

Time to drag out the Meme button…
(you love this don’t you?)

MEME Button
What the heck is a meme anyway?
(Click for Carissa’s definition.)

I figure if someone goes to the trouble of linking up to me and then commenting over here to tell me I was tagged and then has the patience to wait for me to get my family moved a few states away…then? Okay. I’ll do it.

I got nearly the same ‘tag you’re it!’ from two people so I’m killing two modems with one blog…
One was for 6 random things, the other for 7 random things…poTAYtoes, poTAHtoes.

From Christy at ShakeTheSalt
Kamewh @ BlueberriesAndPeanutButter

Here goes. My new friend Angelicka STEALS her memes. Which I find HI-larious, so I’m going to steal her idea. With a twist…

Call it Balderdash.
But in College we called the game BullSh**.

See if you can tell which meme answers are really mine?

Answer Set Number ONE:

1. I was born and raised in Nebraska (and live here currently) but I also have lived in Arizona, Texas, Florida and New York.

2. I currently have eleven piercings.

3. I never use a pattern when I crochet. I’ve never had good luck with them AND with a toddler, it would be SO hard to keep track of where I am in it!

4. I got a tangerine Townie cruiser for my birthday this year.

5. I’ve never lived alone.

6. Favorites: Green, 17, Burritos or Spaghetti

Set TWO:

  1. I have NINE siblings.
  2. I wanted to play college basketball and had a chance to try out but chickened out.
  3. I’ve been to Poland. And I have the absolute most gorgeous pottery to prove it.
  4. I am NOT the best housekeeper. I tend to let the clutter get all up in my face and then I PURGE.
  5. I am currently reading the book series ‘Barrington Family Saga‘ by Anita Stansfield. Which is weird cuz I usually stay far, far away from anything like this. But the author is my Sister’s Ex-husband’s Aunt. What are you gonna do? (Actually I’m totally enjoying the books).
  6. I Hate blue cheese. With a capitol H.

Set Number THREE

1. I write with my left hand, but do everything else with my right. When I was a classroom teacher, I wrote on the chalkboard more easily with my right-for some crazy, odd reason!

2. I have one sister who is a little older than me. She lives here in ABQ, NM also.

3. I never played any sports in high school, but after I graduated, I played a lot of basketball, and played a lot after work, and during the time I was studying to become a teacher at UNM. I haven’t played much since I got married and had our son.

4. I have another blog which is a guitar blog that I link from here-Guitarthrill.

5. I have never been to any other states other than Calif., Nev., Wy., Ariz. Idaho, Ut., Col. Montana, Texas, Fla., and Mass. Of course, I would like to travel to a bunch more, especially Ill. and NY! Wash. would be nice too!

6. When I sleep I always sleep on my right side. (Most of the time)


If you know me in real person please comment, but don’t give me away…! And no I’m not following the rules (again) I’m not tagging anyone else. But by all means if you do get tagged feel free to borrow my MEME button. Heck– steal my whole meme, I just did.