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Follow Up: The Pink Eye, Mom Stays Home

March 4, 2009

Conjunctivitis you are a pain in my EYEtis.

I present the:

  • VERY sick
  • VERY unable to go to school
  • VERY 8yrold

What else do you do when you are stuck home with your little brother all day?
You play Monopoly with your little brother AND the cat of course!

Praise be, I haven’t caught the dreaded pinkivitis yet.. but when I feel even the tiniest itch on my ankle I can’t help but scratch… my EYE? How stupid is that?

I think 1400 people suggested different ways to tackle an 8yrold’s Pink Eye.

Go ahead… tell me what your grandma did when you were little?
The best one? Shredded Potatoes… Yes. Make a little compress out of homefries and place on your eye! {my only question is…what do you do with them afterwards?}

homefries with spinachPotato

Homefries vs Hashbrowns? I couldn’t decide so we just made both.

I actually liked the chamomile tea bag compress suggestion.. and I was all set to try it but then I realized she had fallen asleep, and I was thirsty. So I drank it instead.

Tea Bag

And while it’s true that a lot, most, {who the heck knows?} of the pink eye cases are viral and antibiotics won’t work, everyone says the drops will get your kid back to school {and you free to continue your VERY important SAHM life.} What is that about??

I have a 24 hour rule. Ear infections, croup, etc… (except for fevers they get the three day rule).

If after 24 hours the symptoms are worse and not getting better, then yes we head to the Dr. So we’ll see in the morning when she wakes up, whether her eye is in fact glued shut like this morning, or merely red. In either scenario. I’m stuck homebound for one more day. But this time. I am so taking her out on errands with me. People at Safeway.. just walk the other way when you see us coming. I’ve instructed her not to lick ANYthing. And she isn’t allowed to kiss till she is 28 so no worries, right?

Oh also.

When I called the school to excuse her with the Pink Eye excuse? The principal answered. She said, “OH GOOD!” after I explained that she was staying home. I think they agreed with my choice don’t you?

How long do you wait to see the Pediatrician for ear infections, croup, fevers? {Pink Eye?}

Later, she asked me what’s a black eye then, mom?

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April 22, 2008

I’ve been compiling flu stories from other blogs. These are the only ones best ones I’ve come across. I think it worked like a talisman against flu in our own household, because it sounds like the vaccine this year sure didn’t!

Over at Orangette is the first one. After reading this flu story, you can go make yourself a cake…

Get That Out Of Your Mouth, is the next one. And his poemtastic (that was for AMZ) blog about kids, poop, and parenting chaos is probably one of my favorite blogs to just read and enjoy.

The Pioneer Woman, is also a favorite. I’m grooving on her web redesign, and HOW I love the new photography section of her blog. I don’t have wild mustangs to take pictures of, my wild chitlins will have to do.

And I just came across this flu post by Ali Martell, at Cheaper than Therapy. Yikes!

Now I beg the flu compilation Gods to please, please, please–spare my family.

What’s your best (worst) flu story? Let’s not get too graphic here. Past or present?