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Seattle Honeymoon: Revisited

September 4, 2009
Fifteen years ago we flipped a coin.

What were we deciding?
Our honeymoon.
It was down to Santa Fe Vs. Seattle.
(Both were cheap flights for us from Salt Lake City).
Both seemed interesting, and not the usual honeymoon spot…
I know? Most people dream of Hawaii or even a secluded lodge near a beautiful waterfall.. (Stay tuned for more on that part…) But we were young, still in college… and well, poor.

We chose Seattle.
And we loved it!

For our 15th anniversary, we decided to head back and see what had changed..?
The thing is.. I think WE were the part that changed the most! (I’ll have to go dig some of our first year pictures out before this anniversary series is over…huh?)

We stayed in a picturesque hotel on the waterfront. (Instead of the beat up skanky one the first time around.)

We enjoyed our dinners out instead of stressing about every nickel spent. We enjoyed the slow pace of the Bainbridge Island Ferry. I even sneaked in a quick day spa afternoon! And.. this time… we missed our three kids!

Wow did I have fun with my new camera.. here’s the story… on our first trip to Seattle our little point and shoot (real film.. ohmyheck!) died on us half way.. so how fitting that my birth/anniv/mother’s day camera-gift was given to me here!

Can’t visit Seattle and not see the Space Needle huh?

Some shots while walking around Seattle… Starbucks, surprise suprise!

And this whole trip I was totally in love with flags. I kept seeing them everywhere. These were on the building right next to our hotel so I saw them every morning…

I mentioned that we missed our kids.. well, now that we live within a day’s worth of driving distance.. here are the things we want to do when we return WITH our kids:

The Seattle Aquarium
Cruise The Locks (we were such lovers of Sleepless in Seattle!)
See the Top of the Space Needle
Walk the Pioneer Square Underground Tour
Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle Children’s Museum

What else am I missing?

Next installment.. our overnight drive and stay in Vancouver, BC and the surprise my husband planned!

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