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Then and Now… Revisited

September 1, 2009
Summer’s Last Hurrah!

Two thoughts.

How is it that the first day back to school also feels like the LAST day of summer?
Do you remember your first day of Jr. High? The fear. The worries. The older girls?
I kid you not, I still have nightmares where I cannot remember my locker combination.

First Day of School ’09

I grew up in a teeny tiny town. As in.. they had to change the population sign when a family moved out. Napoleon Dynamite kind of small.
Get this… my school was so small K-12 was in the same building…
Let that sink in a bit…

THE WHOLE SCHOOL was in the same building. So moving up to Jr. High? Not a big deal, you know?

But then. My family went and MOVED to a much bigger town. One that had a grocery store that stayed open all night! (wow huh) One that had several elementary schools, a separate middle school AND Jr. High.. I was the ripe age of 13 and going into 8th grade. Which meant Jr. High in that world.

Oh my gosh, imagine all the movies about the small town kid moving to the big city (okay still small town but it FELT big)! I was a complete mess.

Yesterday watching my oldest pack her lunch, get on the bus and then come home late after school from volleyball practice. Wow.

She is amazing.

Can you remember what it was like?

For reference… this is my kids last year.. oh my…
(And boy have my photography skillz improved!)

Then and Now last year’s school post.
PS. I’ll have to do another post next week when TK starts Kindergarten..