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Reusies: Re-use Reduce Recycle!

November 13, 2009

Review: Reusies Fabric Sandwich Baggy
Price: $8.75 (save 10% when you buy 3)
Size: 7.5″x6″
Exactly what it looks like! A fabric reusable sandwich bag. Can you say a green baggy?
(I mean orange… )
PhotobucketAha Factor: I stopped using any sort of throw away plastic in my kids’ lunch bags 2 years ago. But the bulky hard plastic sandwich containers take up a lot of room, leaving no space for the carrots and apples and such… I love that these fit in more spaces. And the AHA! part is that you can use the sandwich size Reusie for only a half a PB&J, it folds down over the whole thing and wraps to the extra piece of velcro on the back! (Bonus for my 5yrold.)

Plus you can throw the baggy in the dishwasher or clothes washer to clean after use. I know it seems like a fabric baggy would let the sandwich dry out.. but so far no complaints from the munchkins!

goodncrazy blue dots

PhotobucketThumbs Down Thoughts: From a seamstress perspective, these are pretty basic in design, should be easy to make your own? But from a mom of three, keeping up with everything perspective, how nice to have a few of these on hand as gifts to give??

PhotobucketYGWYPF: (yougetwhatyoupayfor) I’d have to go with feeling like these are a bit expensive. I’m wondering if they could bundle 3 or 6 up for a bit of a discount on the current pricing? I think I would be more likely to pay $12 for 3 or 4? What do you think?

PhotobucketReUsies™ are a re-usable alternative to sandwich/snack bags, each one has the potential to eliminate hundreds of plastic bags. ReUsies™ are 100% cotton lined with leak-resistant nylon and are secured with Velcro® closures. -from website
Disclosure: Product provided by as part of campaign.