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Resolutions: Soda Spirits & Spiritual

January 4, 2010
Where can I buy a Diet Coke Patch?

Not for me. For the Hubster.

1. He’s a diabetic; basically weaned directly onto TAB as a 14yrold. (I know, he’s old huh?)

2. He/We are Mormon so that basically limits a dude at the drink bar to seltzer water or Diet Soda. (Often he has to fight the secretaries off for the last Diet Coke at office parties… I’ve seen it happen, NOT pretty).

3. It’s the main reason he gets along so well with my mother. They are both Diet Coke addicts and it works out so smoothly for each of them. (Diet Coke run anyone? Why yes you’re such a SWEET son-in-law! Oft heard phrases during family gatherings.)

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Resolution Numero UNO:

No more soda. He’s been making plans for it for weeks now. Those plans included drinking (in fairly large quantities) all the soda hanging around the house. Plus several 44oz Circle K runs. But he was commited to his goal. And on New Year’s Day, 2010: My husband (AKA diet coke runs through his veins) officially gave up Diet Coke. Cold Turkey. Dead Duck. Or whatever.

And here we are day 4. Soda free. Caffeine free. Dare I say it…? Diet COKE free. Yes. 4 whole days. Can he make it? I’m rooting for him so let’s hope so!

I’ve been threatened with a slow painful death if I even say one word about how much Fruit2O and/or Propel he’s drinking instead of soda but what the heck? He says no headaches, or even any real cravings.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is that he has taken up running. He’s following a program that helps you start slow with walking inbetween jogging with the whole goal being NOT to get hurt, while taking up the jogging sport.

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Resolution Numero Dos and the rest… (my turn)

I have my own teeny tiny soda addiction. I tried giving up Mountain Dew last year. I don’t drink a lot but it was clearly becoming a need VS. an afternoon snack. And the main reason I failed last year was because my dear Hubby kept bringing me home 20 ouncers on the weekend! He was the enabler no doubt. Well not this time. If he can cold turkey the DC then I’m Dead Ducking the MD… (or something like that).

But my main goal this year is spiritual. For myself. To find quiet time. 5 minutes. That’s all I ask. To meditate quietly. To pray. To find inspiration. Can I do it? Will Twitter interfere? Will my 5yrold?

Another thing is that in Oregon Cell Phones have officially been banned in the car. And since I’m working to diminish my cellular dependance, I’ve decided to leave it home sometimes. (Can you even imagine!) I know, what if I get in an accident? What if I forget the address? What if… oh for Pete’s sake, who cares? I’ll borrow a phone, pull over to ask for directions and generally get some peace and quiet in the momvan for a change. Amen.