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E is for Ice Cream?? Huh?

March 19, 2009

What do you do when your kids all pull ‘E’s on their elementary report cards?

(What exactly does E stand for anyway? Every kid? Especially 2nd Grade? They tell you it means excellent. Oh. I see. Then what the heck does S+ mean and how exactly is that different in Geography than an E?)


What do you do when they are all ‘Excellent’? (even the preschooler was marked as abilities in the early part of kindergarten..!)

You head to Cold Stone Creamery don’t you!

And yes. Yummy. But.

What the heck is the deal? They honestly would not give us a cup of water… wanted to charge 50 cents. I mean do you know what a teeny tiny cup of Cold Stone costs?? And there’s 5 of us people! 5 times a lot for 4 teeny tiny cups of ice cream…? Seems like it’s not that big of a deal to share their free water and 0.4 cent plastic cup. Heck they could even re-wash the dang cup and re-use it ya know??

PS. anyone know what the heck ‘french vanilla’ means? from the short video…

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