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Photo Story Friday: Round 2

October 29, 2009
My little boy is 5.
He refuses to sing.

Well…except… he sings a popular primary (that’s Mormon-speak for ages 3-11) song called:
I am a Child of God.. he learned it in Nursery (pre-primary age kids). And when I asked him about learning a new song in church he would answer.. I don’t KNOW that song, mom.

Well duh.

Every Sunday, he happily sits in Primary NOT singing a single song, until I am a Child of God, comes up and then he shouts it from the rooftops.. you’ve seen this kid right?? The one who sings the chorus really loud and then nothing else.. kind of like that, only he shouts the whole song.

Fast forward to this past August.

Out of the blue in the back seat of the MomVan he says: “Hey mom I can sing a new song.” I nearly pulled over to see what he was talking about!

Have a listen for yourself.
I give you….

MY KID singing a NEW song!

And get this. He agreed to sing it SOLO in front of the whole congregation during the Primary’s fall Sacrament program. How freaking cute is that? We call up grandparents and he sings it over the phone. He happily sings it for pretty much anyone walking by. Give me a call and he’ll sing it for you!

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