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Look Mom I Spelled Apple!

April 8, 2009

My 4yrold Jumps into Math and Reading

I received an email several weeks ago from Erin representing They wondered if I’d like to have a look at the newly launched 3D interactive world?
(Jumpstart…? as in the makers of the Math Blaster learning games…)

Let me think…

I didn’t realize they had created an online version of their games!

All my kids used JumpStart games starting at the age of 18months! I’m serious, they make a Toddler JumpStart, and yes it attempts to teach colors and shapes… But honestly the best thing about that game, is that it taught my toddlers to USE a COMPUTER MOUSE!

I already love JumpStart, in fact we owned a whole stack of their CDs. From pre-school to 2nd grade to science. But. Once we upgraded to a new operating system…all those CDs were unusable! Now with the online game no worries about obsolete CDs. There is a free area of the site and for $7.99/month (sheesh, how much LESS than preschool is THAT?) you can become a member and unlock the whole Adventureland.

I basically pounced all over Erin and convinced her to sell me her soul let me run a different kind of bloggy campaign. I kept telling her, my kid LOVES the site! I’d love to share with my readers more than just a one night stand of a review and throw some free giveaways at them… (and believe it or not… she agreed!?)

Here are some kid quotes:

TK: “I love my ‘Jumpster‘!” (What he called his Jumpee character)
Sassy: “Ooooo this looks cool!” (When she realized there was a Painting Place)
First morning after using
TK literally just waking up: “Can I play with my ‘Jumpster’? Oh. Can I have breakfast first and then can I play with my ‘Jumpster’?”

TK: “Mom don’t let her use MY ‘Jumpster’!?”

TK: “Dad! I made a Jumpster! And it has green hair! …and it’s wearing a sweater… and it has green eyes…!” Then: “Baby Snakes can take care of themselves—” (that last part was apropos of nothing.)

Mom: “What’s the best part of the game?”
TK: “I got a DESK!”
Sassy: “The Waterslide!”

And this was all in one breath:
TK: “Oh! You can talk to them—See! I’m at the ZippyMart! All sorts of stuff see?
I’ve got 12 ‘diamonds’. Oh! I need to take my dog a bath! (in a squeee voice) Looks like a cat, but it’s really a dog. Now I’m gonna go play some games—oh—there’s a faster way—(clicks map)—See! I’m at the Math Arcade!”

The thing is, there is so much going on visually and playfully that at some point he totally has no idea how much he’s learning. Colors, Counting, Letters, Phonics….

Take a look at this video I took of him. See how effortless subtraction is for a FOUR YEAR OLD, and bonus if you can tell what the word is he spells at the end…and the color of his socks!

What a perfect time to get my kid involved in a fun interactive learning game. He can’t help but enjoy himself, learning is so fun, he doesn’t even know he’s doing it!

I contacted a couple other bloggers (Angie and Jenna) and I asked them if they’d like to get involved with For a 3 week GoodNCrazy Campaign.

What does that mean? Stay tuned… Each of us will be blogging once a week for 3 weeks about our children’s experience with
At the end don’t worry we will be ‘throwing’ some JumpStart product at you. But the thing is… we’d really like for you to INTERACT with the company. And the giveaways will come with a twist..

I’m serious about the interacting. Erin is in the marketing department with Jumpstart. She is happy to answer any questions you might have about the website. I’ll forward her your comment and she’ll contact you directly. (Let me know if you don’t want her to email.)


If you’d rather, go ahead and tweet her directly @JumpStart_Erin. She’ll be more than happy to respond. I promise she’s more than just a logo behind the username.

And I’m totally impressed with the Jumpstart Blog.

Great tips and ideas from crafts with your kids (See this butterfly spring craft.)
Ideas to get your kids involved in Spring Cleaning.
And solving behavioral issues like Taming Tantrums.


Hint: interacting with the company and the website.. WILL be part of the giveaways!

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