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Then…and Now.

September 10, 2008
First: A Pre-Note.
Remember My 9/11 Story?
You can read it here.
I promised hubby would tell his side of the story.
It’s coming tomorrow.

For today. A little then and now… (And no I’m not apologizing for being late with this or for running a back to school post…or even for totally copying AliMartell, sorry THIS is momblogging after all..BLOGGING about my mommy life right?)

First the Now..

Sassy with the shirt and the the hair…

Sadie with the Oh so sixth grade ‘tude.

And a week later all three of them on TK’s first day of Pre-K! No Sniffles from mom on that one…Straight to get a pedicure. (Oh how I wish(!)–had to run errands–get his vaccine chart to the school!)

And for The Later…
This is last year’s first day of school. Sassy ain’t so sassy, and TK hadn’t started his little pre-school yet, and the girls were in a charter school complete with uniforms…
How’s this for a year’s change?

I played along over at Angie’s Place, you can too…


4th of July….Our style…

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th-ing to you! Go out and light it up for us (Cuz no fireworks are allowed in our neck of the foothills).

Potato Salad vs. Macaroni Salad for the picnic? Help me, please. As a former Idaho gal, potatoes rule of course. But the kids prefer plain ole pasta…. oh well.

PhotoStory Friday
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Warning, Graphic Photos

April 10, 2008

When I turned 30 I felt betrayed. I didn’t feel like a grown-up and thirty was definitely OLD! And now that I’ve just turned 35, it’s my body that’s betraying me. Losing muscle tone, losing boob tone, and my body’s newest betrayal? Menorrhagia. Sorry if that’s sharing too much, but since you now know my age, you get all the rest I guess.
Except for the make-up, this is me zits and all. Angie asked about wrinkles, so here you go. This happens to be a low point in my cycle for acne. I had very little as a teenager and apparently my face is making up for that in my 30s.

Warning! This photo has been heavily photoshopped. This was taken in February. I played with photoshop to see just how much I could alter and not have it turn into an alien. I got rid of blemishes(this was a high zit day), wrinkles and most of the shine on my forehead (you can see it in my hair), I even whitened my teeth! Isn’t photoshop a joy?

Lighting Studies

March 13, 2008

I love playing with Photoshop. I only have Elements, the dumb version, but so far it’s more than I can handle!

Playing with flash.

Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC)After playing with B&W, and a couple filters…