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Ma Ma Ma MY Sedona!

May 16, 2009
Can You Say Slide Rock!!

The second installment from our recent family vacation to Arizona. And once again, thanks goes to Uncle Tony who took the photos!

Can you say Cathedral Rock?

Can you say slide down WHAT on my bare WHAT??
Can you say that is FREAKIN’ COLD dude!

Can you say ‘Let’s do it again Dad!’

And now.
As a special favor could you please help this blogger out? Let’s just say for a second… hypothetically speaking… not like I’d really do it or anything… but what if…?

If you had to choose between these pictures for a family Christmas Card Greeting… What would you choose?

{I know you don’t want to,
but could you click this photo to really see the charm that is my family, you won’t regret it…}

Yes I’ll post pictures of myself in a bathing suit to the internet, but in a Holiday Salutation? I don’t think so…

This last one is in front of Montezuma’s Castle, an ancient indian ruin built right into the cliff-side. The group used ladders to hike up there!? There is no sign of the tribe and it’s assumed they died off or were killed off or joined another tribe. I think it’s obvious?? They got tired of all that climbing and LEFT!

{PS. please say hi to Aunt Connie! She begged me to include a shot of her in her swimsuit scraping her butt on slide rock, sorry I didn’t give in.. she’s on the far left in this shot tho!}

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