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JumpStart: The Wii Edition

August 25, 2009

My Kids Are So Excited About The New Jumpstart Game for Wii!


A few months ago I got word from {kids educational computer game gurus} that they were about to release their first Wii game!

It’s called Pet Rescue
Talk about a rockin’ name? They showed me this video and I made the mistake of showing my 5yrold! He jumped up and down and has been giving me grief for weeks…

“when is it coming…?”

“Is it here yet…?”

TaDah! Last week..? It came. Jumpstart Pet Rescue for Wii.


And away we go……!

Boy playing Jumpstart Wii Pet Rescue Game

TK playing the Wii right out of the box… he can play most of the Pet Rescue areas, but he needed help with several parts. No worries? He simply roped his big sisters into ‘helping’ him.. Which really meant they got sucked into playing, and even completing a few levels of their own!

Even my 8yrold is thrilled to play the game. She said she wished it were a little bit more challenging, though? So that tells me it’s a great game for the age range of 4-8. Because it is plenty challenging for my 5yrold!

Here are some direct quotes from TK:

“When you’re at “Petland” you can teach your pet tricks! I taught my doggy to roll over and to jump up and up REALLY high!”

“There’s this slide thingy and when you go on it, that’s my other favorite part. It’s like a rope and it’s like you’re saving somebody, it’s like a Hang Glider!”

“When you fill up a book, (not really read it..) the first one was: my first day of school and you fill the whole book up and it stays in the library and when you go out of the library there’s another pet and it jumps out of a hiding place!”