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Parenting Today. But maybe not tomorrow.

June 20, 2008

UPDATE: At bottom of post….

I tried it.

I had been against it. But I gave it a chance. I see a bunch of you doing it. But I just couldn’t see how it would work with my midnight schedule?


I got up BEFORE the kids did. That part was made effortless by the fact that last night turned into a No Bears Are Out Tonight kind of night. (Yes, my 4 year old was still up at 10:45PM.) I think they were all sleeping by 11 though?

Anyhoo… Hubby had an early meeting, he kissed me goodbye. I rolled over and thought. Maybe today’s the day. The day I get up early and check all your blogs without anyone screaming “I want to watch Ben 10!” or “Chocolate Milk!” or “Mom, she’s doing it again, make her stop!”.

And you know what? You all were right. It’s better than reclining poolside at a secluded resort in the Mediterranean, sipping margaritas. (Although I have no idea what that would be like. The Mediterranean OR the margaritas.)

But you know what I mean, don’t you?

And because I enjoyed it that much?

I’m sharing.

Some pictures of my vegetable garden. A.K.A. Carissa’s Mediterranean in a box. My kids know how much I love my little garden babies. And to cheer up Arizona’s concrete jungle.

Lettuce, tomatoes (in the tires–I’m a little bit redneck…), cucumbers, and beans. But you can’t see the beans, they’re kinda tiny.

Not yet.
It wants to grow up to be a Purple Coneflower.
Couple more days first.

I need flowers.
I require them for sanity.

All Right. Who knew the tires would be so popular…?

The tires make me happy. I admit my garden geekiness. They keep my little plants warmer (especially in the spring and fall nights-by retaining some heat of the day). They help to build up the soil. They help to prop up the plants. And they are so totally recycled. You don’t want to get me started on gardening…it would take me hours, and hours and hand cramping.


Midnight and 6:54(AM) do not play well.

June 7, 2008

Midnight is raucous.

Wants to finish that project before going to bed. Likes watching House around 10PM and would so much rather do the dishes tomorrow. Midnight figures the kids will let her sleep in, and if not, actually believes there will be time for a nap? If Midnight starts reading a book, she cannot put it down and will stay up past her bedtime reading ‘just one more chapter’.

6:45(AM) wakes up perky and bounces out of bed. 6:45(AM) makes a nutritious breakfast and while slowly savoring it (sitting down) makes a tidy to do list. 6:45(AM) checks off each item with a fastidious (obsessive) flair. Every child receives exactly 47.3 minutes of alone mommy time. And those same children are nestled in their beds by 8PM. 6:45(AM) then nestles herself down with a hot cuppa cocoa and the latest Phillipa Greggory book and has lights off by 9:45PM in order to have precisely 8 hours of sleep. 6:45(AM) would have a coronary if every dish wasn’t cleaned and put away every evening.

We hate 6:45(AM).

(Possibly because Midnight and I are jealous).

But starting Monday morning. 6:45(AM) has been banished for 2 and a half months! Summoned to the dungeon of Summer Break Castle. (May she rot, and never come out).

Midnight is up for a rockin’ good time (and NO EARLY MORNINGS).

Name that Dr. Suess….

May 16, 2008

It’s time for a game show.
Sorry no prizes.

Oh okay, you whiner. I’ll send one of my handmade headbands if you get ALL of them right and you are the first one. Try not to cheat (that would mean using the internet). Because I will so totally know if you do. You can only participate if you have read these books 45 thousand times to the same child, (knowing full well in 2 and a half years you will read them again 45 thousand times for kid 2).

Can you name the title of the book that goes with each phrase?

  1. Schlopp Schlopp beatiful Schlopp, beautiful Schlopp with a cherry on top.
  2. Zizzerzazzerzuz.
  3. My horns could carry books and stuff like paper, pens and strings and apples for my teacher and a lot of other things!
  4. But I like to eat cake in a tub, laughed the cat. You should try it some time, laughed the cat as he sat.
  5. Not on a train! Not in a tree! Not in a car! Sam! Let me be!
  6. I will pick up the hook. You will see something new. Two things. And I call them Thing One and Thing Two.

And now for a bonus! Ooooh….Aaaaaah.

Can you tell me which book this is from?:

These Nizzards were always flying about over the Dike Trees, waiting for a chance to swoop down and peck. If nobody stopped them, the roots would soon give way. Then the sea would pour in with a terrible roar, and every last soul in the kingdom would drown.

(It’s a happy book).

I guess I should have done this back near Dr. Seuss’ birthday, but I didn’t. And he was sort of a rebel so let’s just go with it.

I’ll reveal the answers tomorrow. (I know you can wait.)

What do you do when your kid calls from school to tell you he/she forgot something?

April 8, 2008

Do you
a. Run right down with the forgotten item and give them a kiss and wipe their nose while you’re at it?
b. Tell them, wow, that’s sad. What are you going to do about it?
c. Pretend you have an important meeting you can’t be late for and therefore can’t bring in forgetful’s stuff?

I’ll let you know what I did later today. I’m off to that important meeting that I can’t be late for.

I’m back. It’s later.

First of all she knew better than to call at all. Starting this year, my kids know I do not bring in forgotten clarinets, homework, lunch boxes (they buy their own in that case!) or class pets. (well maybe class pets–stinky ones anyway). But at the end of her call she reminded me that I was scheduled to come in and volunteer at the school anyway, so could I pleeeaaase bring in her instrument for band? I relented. I figured since she reminded me (I had completely forgotten) it was okay. What was I going to say? No. I’ll be there in an hour, but I won’t bring the clarinet?

Spelling Bee Saga

March 19, 2008

Parents should be banned from school spelling bees. As my husband likes to say, “Kids are never allowed to LOSE anymore”. Everyone gets a medal, everyone is special, yada, yada. Except in spelling bees. Spelling bees are the last hangers-on in our PC schools, where someone is crowned the best speller of the grade, right?

I will be un-inviting myself from future spelling bees, I promise.

7yrold has a knack for reading and pretty much everything else academic. It just comes easy for her. She won her 1st grade spelling bee on the word ‘SUFFICE’. (I had to spell check it just now, for crying out loud).

5thgrader… not so easy. She has to work for everything, and in the previous years she has always studied and scraped her way past her class bee and into the grade bee. She then misspelled on round 2 or 3. Which was fabulous for her and she knew it.

Back to this year. — 5thgrader again made it to the grade level bee and I attended the showdown, she wants my support I figured? She passed off her 1st word, and then a second and a third (the third word was LINX–what the heck is THAT?) and then whoa (!) she was one of five left! Yay, go girl! Every time she got up to spell MY heart would nearly smash through my throat (and I was only WATCHING). Two more kids got out and then she spelled another word correct and the kid after her got out, and OHMYGOSH she was one of two left. And then…the other kid spelled a word wrong…I’m thinking wow, how cool is that to have TWO kids in the same day, same household as spelling bee champs!

(it gets tricky here, so stay with me)

All day, in the other grades at this point in the bee the rules change–the last two go into a sudden death approach and instead of sitting down when missing a word, the remaining kid standing must spell the missed word correctly, and then becomes crowned winner of all things spelling.

My daughter stood up to re-spell this incorrect word, I kid you not, she had the microphone in her hand and had opened her mouth….when…

A gentleman (hard to type that calmly) stood up and decided to rail on the poor volunteers who had been running the bees all day (and last year for that matter). He argued, how could this be fair to the kid who had just gotten out and labeled third? Why didn’t THAT kid get to be allowed to have his word ‘corrected’ (or not) and possibly stay in the running? This man (and this kills me the most) walked over to the volunteers and bullied them into changing the rules. I didn’t dare say much, he was scary.

So the third placed kid comes back into the queue. They start a new ’round’, and yes you guessed it, by the time it’s all spelled and done, my 5th grader catches third place and the original third place kid wins 1st. How sickening. It was like a bad afterschool movie, but there I was in a real school. Nice lesson for them to learn, eh? Bullies get what they want, and if you are a man and large all the better, you win. I was too upset to stick around long; I kissed my kid, and made her spell out loud the word she was never allowed to respell (the one that would have made her the winner)–Serenity. (how fitting) She couldn’t understand what had just happened, neither could I. And then I zipped on out of there. I was much more upset than she was.

She told me after school that a decision was reached, and both kids were awarded 1st place. How very PC of them. Like kissing your sister, the one who did win the spelling bee.

Here they are, my two Spellers!