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Little Children big Personalities

July 26, 2008


Business first.

I just added 8 new blogs to my bloglist. EIGHT in one day. That means 8 new people commented on this here blog, folks that haven’t been here before, folks I do not know. But now I do.
And drumroll please. There are 50 blogs on that list. FIFTY. I’m dying. And I’m thrilled. And if I divide that by weeks in August…that would be….12/13 blogs per week I get to highlight and gush about and blog blog blog about. You all rock.

Now for the real post. To answer yesterday’s question? Yin and Yang, who’s more like who?

There were a few guesses. (And one who said, I just barely met you, how can I compare kids I’ve never met to you, who I’ve never met? –Good point.) And they were right and wrong. AND you made me think hard about how this genetic offspring 50% of my genes thing works.

My kids contain vast differences, but the funny thing is some of those differences favor me, and some him.

Yin (Sadie the oldest) is more like her father when it comes to money. I’m the tightwad like Yang. Although it was pointed out to me that I did mention hubby won’t let me spend the President Bush money on a new piano…
But personality-wise, Yang (Sassy the 7yrold) is very much more like her father. Silly and funny and laughs. Sarcastic is more my style.

I’ll work on silly and funny.

The lyrics to my Daughter’s Songs, Yin and Yang

July 25, 2008
I’d like to introduce you to my two daughters. They are 10 and 7.

A list of opposites.

My little Yin and Yang (AKA Sadie & Sassy).

Yin: She’s 10. She dislikes anything green. Whole food groups of green. But she will eat casseroles, mixed up jambalaya-style dishes—she’s down with that. And she’s ready for an adventure. When asked, “what do you think about moving to another state?” She answers: ‘Cool! When do we leave?’

And the real reason for this post: Money. Yin makes a whopping $4 in allowance weekly. She also makes a tiny bit as a ‘mother’s helper’, $2/hour. (This looks a lot like little kids over for a playdate—but I swear, she does all the work!) She gets a few bucks at birthdays and holidays and that’s it. But she’s totally figured out how to budget. She can plan ahead for something she wants/needs. Which means her cash is often gone before she gets it! But lastly what she really is—is generous. She went on a trip with her dad, took her own money and proceeded to set a small budget for herself and then spent all the rest on gifts for her two siblings and mom left at home! There’s more. I forgot to send in a $3 fee at her school—and later when I mentioned it, Yin says “I already paid for that mom.” Ditto for a Christmas book exchange at school. She paid for it herself and told me after the fact. Amazing? I know.

Yin is generous, adventurous and believe it or not SHY at the same time? She is also my serious child. Since birth. Probably in utero. Doesn’t like it when we joke with her, and while she can see humor in puns and such, nothing else gets her goat.

Now for my little opposite child.

Yang: She is 7. She totally grooves on vegetables. Her faves? Sprouts. Green beans. And edamame. She would trade ice cream for shelling her own edamame! The greener the better. But give her a plate of mixed up surprise? No way. No to casseroles, and no to my latest fave: vegetarian Bolognese—even if I puree all the vegetables first? Oh well. And when asked the same question about moving? She responds: “No, no, no, no—Please! I don’t want to mooove!” Which is strange since she is the one who has a ton of little 7yrold friends and her personality attracts new one’s like fleas? (Maybe she has more to lose?)

And financial compare and contrast for Yang? She is a complete tightwad. Ebenezer. Saver. Scrooge. When asked to share a piece of her pack of gum: “But then I would only have 6 pieces left!” (Aiya?) She only gets $3 allowance. She gets the same birthday money as Sister Yin, plus Yin sometimes pays her to ‘help’ babysit. But on her own trip away with Dad—Yang refused to take even 1 penny of her own spending money. We asked, “You don’t want to buy gifts for your sibs?”. She responded, “No? Why would I?” What about something for yourself? “Nope, I don’t want anything.” And she didn’t. She enjoyed the trip for what it was. Time away with her Dad. She has just deposited her first $100 in the bank. Because she found out about interest. (I’m not making this up.) Recently she agreed to pay for half of something she wanted and when she found out it was $8 (and half was more than her weekly allowance?)—she opted not to buy it at all!

Yang is a people person, she knows the value of ‘time vs. things’, makes lasting bonds with friends, and is so dang smart she scares me. She has been reading since she was 4! And she is funny. As in says goofy things, gets adult jokes, even her laugh is contagious.

Oh, you’re wondering about the youngest? Well….he’s a boy. He’s 4. And he’s deliriously, obliviously happy. Oh and OCD. He’s OCD about the wind. OCD enough for its own post—K, later?

Bonus question? Which of the two girls do you think is more like me or more like Seth (he’s the Dad)? Yin or Yang?

And if you made it to the end of this post—I congratulate you. Blame Bonnie for the lengthy post. She inspired me.

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