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Paperspring Holiday Photo Cards

December 2, 2009

It’s that time.
Time for CHEER.
Time for Eggnog.
Time for Snowflakes and tacky Sweaters.

…and time for LISTS.

goodncrazy blue dots

Huh? Lists?

Yup. The sit down make a list of all the people you need to send Christmas cards to.
Let’s see…

Oh crap. First realize you have lost EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS you had been keeping on outlook that recently blewup. All the relatives. All the friends from New York, New Jersey and Utah. Oh bother!!

Start a New Address List:

All the aunts and uncles. (Can’t forget them.) All your siblings. (Should I send cards to ex-siblings-in-law?) Cross off the ones who aren’t around this year. (I miss my grandma.) Count up all your cousins and realize how few you actually can locate addresses for.. cross them off too. Friends from New York? New Jersey? Utah? And finally Oregon… whew! That’s a lot?? Do You need to send a card to your immediate neighbors… I mean won’t a plate of cookies do? Then there are all the teachers…. school teachers, piano teachers, dance teachers, band teachers oh my and coaches too? Wow..

How did the list get to be 250 people?


Friends from NY/NJ/Utah that I have at least friended on Facebook and can at least message for a dang address.

Ahhh much better.

Oh no… realize there are A LOT of amazing fun/pretty/funky/elegant cards to chose from over at!

HELP!! Which would you chose??

Lady in Red
Fancy and Elegant?

Funky Green

Brown hits the snowflake spot

PhotobucketHurry if you order before Dec7th you get 20% off with code: HOLIDAYCARD

Disclaimer: No snowflakes were harmed in the making of these holiday cards.
However paperspring did spring for a complementary order for the Rogers’ family.