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Moxie Mona Lands In Oregon!

September 20, 2009

Hi! Welcome to My World.
Where the town is tiny and the air is clean.
The Fighter Jets Train and The *Ducks Reign.

Where Good is Crazy & Crazy is Good.

Mom of all trades… Jack of NONE.

I’m Carissa. I’ve got three Crazy kids and one Good husband.
Thanks for joining me today… to all you Moxie Foxy Ladies…
A great big Hug and Puffy Heart Hello!

I was OhMiGosh FLATTERED when Francesca and her Moxie Crew asked if I would be the Oregon stop on this bloggy train ride. And then I went.. crap. I live in a tiny becarefulifyoublinkyou’llmissit kind of town. Kind of BORING… But the thing is. Southern Oregon has some AH-mazing things to see.. all I have to do is drive 15minutes in any direction and WOW! Cascade forests. Lakes and more lakes. Fun shopping towns and Southern Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival!

Sit back and enjoy, because I took a ton of pictures, so you and (Moxie Mona) won’t forget your little stopover here in my Land of GoodNCrazy. My kids saw me taking pictures of um… a doll… and said, “Oh.. like a flat Stanley?” Well, yes.. just like that.. only curvier!

If you ever get the chance to see Crater Lake for yourself. DO NOT PASS it up. Seriously, this is like one of the top 10 must-see-Mother-Nature-out-did-herself areas in North America. It really is THAT blue. It really is THAT gorgeous. It really is impossible to explain in words…

Pictures do a MUCH better job.

I promise. No editing was done to the above image.
It’s Straight Out Of the Camera.
That white speck in the middle is a boat.
You walk very carefully on the rim… it’s a long ways down!
Mona Takes it Easy in the tall summer grass of the Crater Lake Rim.

Crater Lake was created from a collapsed Volcano. There are no inlets or outlets; ALL the water is from snow and rain! (I’ve seen it in the winter…absolutely BREATH-taking). It is the deepest lake in North America and that accounts for it’s blue-er than blue color! The Crater Lake area is the only National Park in Oregon. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Portland and only 1 hour from me!

Please Meet My Moxie Kids!

goodncrazy blue dots

Hey! It turns out Mona is a great help around the house!

About 3 weeks ago I helped pick pears at a local church owned orchard. I don’t think I can make it clear enough just how cool it is to live in an area where there are more Pear and Peach orchards than PEOPLE!

You know the amazing Harry and David Company? As in Awe-SOME with a capital A! Well get this… they are located just over the hill from us… and they have a retail outlet… and yes. I’ve purchased Moose Munch. So there!

To Francesca and Kacey, Angie, Jill, Kathy and Laura…. This Fridge Art is for you! Thanks for letting me play along and may your new venture MoxieMediaGirls take flight like WonderWoman takes bullets! Pa-chew! Pa-ching!

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*We are NOT affiliated with the DUCKS in any way shape or form. {GO UTES}!

**Should you want more Life In Oregon Posts.. Here they are.

goodncrazy blue dots

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Oregon Lighthouse Love

June 24, 2009

Can you guess where we were this weekend?

What is it about Lighthouses?
I mean:

Apple Pie
Waves of Grain
Visiting Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the coast of Oregon

Oh my gosh it was so windy out on the point like that… but holy crazy gorgeous!

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A little recap. My one year in the bloggy world.

February 19, 2009

Sometimes I shared the not so pretty in my life.
(Do you know what Lake Stink is?)

And often I shared what I was in love with.

I started Apricot A Lot, designing custom bags and totes!

I started my not-every-Sunday-posting called Church Chat.
Read them all here.

Kids Medford Temple

I moved two states away.

But not before having a GarBage Sale.

Sometimes a Recipe.

Salmon Recipe (maple-y/mustard-y/jalepeno-y yummy-ness)

I started a series of posts about my childhood here’s the first one.
(That’s the only one I did…it’s coming, I promise!)


I was syndicated once, Namiste.
(See the article over at the Title Blog)

Oh yeah.. I started a little thing called #GNO over on Twitter? Heard of it?

And that little thing has turned into a full-fledged teenager complete with gangly-ness and zits sometimes (don’t ask about the new website that STILL isn’t complete!) We call the whole thing ‘Mom It Forward’ have a look! Hope to see you on Tuesday nights for #GNO, where we do Girl’s Night Out, Twitter style…!

Thanks for joining me. I am better because of you.

No Polls For Me

November 3, 2008

In Oregon?

I voted!

  • There are no polling booths.
  • No hanging chads.
  • No cute elderly people sitting at a table helping you find your dang name in that dang book. (Oh? I’ve come to the wrong booth? GREAT!!)
  • No walking into a school/church/golf course (we once voted at a golf course in Utah, no kidding?) with your three little kids hanging on you while you try to read the impossibly small, small print about an election measure you cannot begin to decipher.

Because the writing is:

“Shall (County) voters adopt a proposed (County) charter and become a Home Rule county under (State) law? “

What? Adopt a what, to do what?
How should I know how many commissioners are needed to run a county? I just need to know whether it’s gonna be MacNCheese or Nuggets for lunch. ThankYouVeryMuch.

So? How’d you vote?
Did your vote count this year?

We manage to live in extremely hot or cold areas. Brooklyn? Dems and leaning so far to the left we barely spoke the same language.

Utah? Um yeah, the OPPOSITE. Same result.

I end up in the middle wherever I am, whatever my slant. Here in lil ole Southern Oregon? Kind of weird. Oregon as a whole? Liberal, hangs to the left. My new town? VERY conservative, as in puts Utahns to shame, righty tighty they are. Current position for me? Again. In the middle. And I almost didn’t vote at all. Neither candidate is making me very happy with the nasty rhetoric and negative marketing. One’s um..old. The other? Lately seems so slippery?

I did make my decision. Then I placed my ‘mail-in only ballot’ in the drive-up ballot box outside city hall.

  • No one even noticed that I voted.
  • No one gave me a sticker. (humph)
  • No one gave my 4yrold a lollipop.

I did my thing and drove away. Did you?

New Job. New Required Attire.

October 15, 2008

Yup. When you move to the sticks. You get a new dress code. This is HONEST TO PETE, the clothing he wore to work today. In fact they’ve been giving him a hard time about wearing ‘dress pants’ and button down shirts.
Cowboy boots? Acceptable. Denim? Required. Guns? (Gotta draw the line somewhere!)

So much for all the fancy attorney suits he’s been wearing for 10 LONG years. When you are in-house…

You are IN ‘DA HOUSE, Yo.

PS. OH MY HECKERS! So tired from last night’s GNO. They were still at it when I kicked in around 11:30PM. You all rock. And next week will be um…rocker? Rockier? Rockest? Oh something with a large stone in it, BETTER!

Welcome To Oregon…

September 26, 2008

Inspired by Melanie’s NYC posts recently, in more ways than one….

(See Updated Fried Fair Food list below)


Yes. It HAS come to this. They honest to goodness dip the Snickers bar in
corndog batter and then…. fry them deep?

I didn’t get a picture of one, and NO I did not buy one. Way too busy eating my giant corn dog thank you very much.


Didn’t take my camera to the fair, can you tell these are from my phone?

I really don’t think she is flipping me off…?? Is she!?



Two Oregon Originals. A restaurant called Starv’n Marv’n. And Men. In shorts. In sandals. In socks. Hubby is the one on the right w/OUT socks… (click the one on the right to get the FULL SOCK EFFECT!)

Arizona would fit right in.

Join over at the Great CecilyRs place…


Apparently I’m not the only one to see this, several comments mention deep fried:




Coca-Cola (still tryin’ to figure that one out?)…3littlemonkeys said this:

“I have no idea! lol It was squishy congealed-like Coke covered in batter and deep-fried.” —Um? Ew? Then she sent me this LINK…. cool huh?

Peaches? (See here)

Pop Tarts (in Fresno?)

Spam Curds (Whoa?…)


PB&J Sandwiches!


(Oh and there was mention of Garlic Ice Cream–lovely.)

Which do you want first…?

September 18, 2008

The good news… or the bad?
I ALWAYS answer… the bad!
Get it over with, ya know??


photo by Celenesphotographer

The good news is…

My new house has a convection oven!

The bad news is…

It sucks. For some reason (could be user error) it doesn’t cook well in either normal or convection mode? (The heating element is on the top? WHA…?)

The good news is…

Hubby’s work is so close he comes home for lunch!

The bad news is…

Sometimes he comes home for lunch and the wife is still in her bath robe emailing all of you!

The good news is…

I have a pretty cool sewing ‘studio’ in new house.

The bad news is…

I do not have an office anymore…sitting in the kitchen as I write this.

The good news is…

Got a membership at local gym here. And only $36/couple!?? Wow.

The bad news is…

Um…can’t think of anything there? LUV IT!! (And I timed it…6min 45sec to drive there!)

The good news is…

People give away free fruit from their trees here?! I just loaded up on several boxes of pears.

The bad news is…

The strainer I ordered online STILL hasn’t gotten here. And the fruit is going bad, and the flies are mulitplying….

The good news is…

I think I’ve sold some bags to a local retailer! Am I dying?

The bad news is…

Yes I am dying, worried I won’t be able to keep up…Do any of you sew?

Last One…

The good news is….

I really like my new life in Oregon, sans Costco and everything.

The bad news is…

I miss my old life. The one with the friends on my street (and all the drama that came with it), and the school that my kid’s loved, and the temple nearly complete in my backyard, and the one where my mom could make it to Sassy’s upcoming baptism, and the tomatoes ripening in my backyard (now dying!), and Food4Thought–(how I miss those salads), and yes…the life with Costco in it. I miss that life.

Please send tissues.

Ode To My New Life

September 3, 2008

My little boy was very excited to get his ‘’ back.

But I am soooo much more excited happy mirthful joyous delighted to get ALL of YOU back!

And that brings me to a little list. I’ve been composing it for several days now. It goes something like this.

Reasons I am loving my new life:

One} We had to buy a new microwave (at the old house it was built in). And this new micro? It has the button I have been coveting for FOUR LONG years….wanna know what it is?

(Whisper this)
“Add 30 Seconds”

Two} My kids live close enough to their new school to WALK!
Now. If it rains or snows or is just friggin’ cold, yes I will be happy to drive them the .7 miles. But did you hear me? They WALK TO SCHOOL!

Three} My husband’s new commute time is 4.8 minutes. MINUTES! I say ‘GET A BIKE’!

Four} I just got internet back today. ‘Nuff Said.
But I’ll say more anyway. I had DSL before. And this is through cable. So far? MUCH FASTER.

Five} They have a community pool here, I know, who doesn’t? But um…THIS pool is geothermally heated and outdoor and open YEAR round. (Gets mighty cold here, so I’m dying to see how this all works out?)

Six} I mentioned this in the last post. But it’s so great it needed to be mentioned again. There are KIDS. SAME ages as my kids, just up the street. I have a whole post to do about the Mormon network when you move. And as amazing as it was to find a kid family so close, it is totally rockin’ amazing to find out they are LDS? Now THAT’s a small world.

Seven} I just found out that the elementary school my big kids are attending….had PRE-K. Oh this is big. Big as in, just found out there’s a Jo-Anns here(there is). Even bigger? I just found out they have ONE SPOT LEFT in PRE-K! He can go to pre-school in the SAME building as my older kids. Think about that. Still doing extra pick ups, but everyone in the same place each morning….wow.

Eight} I have sunsets. Oh you have those too? Well I have SUNSET, sunsets. EVERY night. Right outside my one hundred windows with a view of TWO (yes 2!) lakes. Seriously every night I’ve been here (that would be 5 total) THIS is what greets me every evening!

This is SOOC, I don’t have my elements back up on the laptop after the big Summer Crash ’08. But OH what I could do with it if I just had my photoshop back up?? If you don’t know what SOOC means…then you don’t know my friend Pioneer Woman… And no she doesn’t need a plug from me, with her 4,000 comments…ahem.

Nine} Here’s one more and it maybe could have gone in up with the hubby commute item? But it’s just so good it gets it’s own list item….

Are you curious….?

Still with me….?

Okay. The coolest thing in my new life? My husband came HOME for lunch yesterday. Yup that’s it. The absolute coolest thing I could possibly think of. I made him my crazy yummy vegetarian salad. And then. Something I never would have even put on a wish list of cool things…. HE UNLOADED the dishwasher while on this unthinkable lunch break at home! He did. You think I’m making this up don’t you? Oh and just to get one more dig in…. He came home for lunch again today. All of that 1.2 miles, for lunch, with me.

I could get used to Oregon.

But watch out,
there might be a ‘things I don’t love so much about my new life’ post in the near future.