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Church Chat

November 23, 2008

I often see bloggers who write about feeling guilty for not posting.

I don’t feel that kind of guilt.

I have neglected my personal blog for a few weeks. But I have been on a big internet ride lately. Twitter has sucked me in.
MommyGossip-GNO has taken off …..and wow?

A great idea about 2 weeks ago… Became a full fledged fundraiser this week. $1400 was raised for More than 10 people donated auction items and door prizes, and over 50 people donated cash. I was still getting requests to donate items DURING the twitter #GNO event on Tuesday night! I have truly met some amazing, caring, giving people.

So instead of guilt I give you forgiveness.

Have you read this book?
The author describes a current day husband and wife who are struggling with their relationship. He uses the story of Abigail and Nabal from 1 Samuel in the Bible, to help explain why forgiveness is important for YOU the reader.

Okay. Now to explain.

A few posts down (I intend to remove the post so look now) I wrote about a current financial frustration we are dealing with. And my internet pals came out of the woodwork to wish me better luck and some even have been doing a search themselves to help with the problem! (see I told you, amazing people.)

Not that I didn’t want some sympathy and help even. It’s just that, after writing and then answering some questions from folks about our situation. I began to feel really sick about it all.


My husband has a terrific job. He makes plenty of money to cover our very normal lifestyle. Both of us have college degrees and I am confident should we go under a certain point financially I will simply go out and get a job and the problem will literally be solved. My children are healthy (yes I’m knocking on wood). My husband loves me very much, he tells me every day. I have a gigantic extended family who I am also confident would help us out in any way they could.

An aside: While we lived in NYC I often walked around homeless people, I sometimes gave change sometimes not. I often thought, what if that were me? But I could never really imagine it, because I knew if I were ever so down and out I could always call 2 sets of parents, 9 siblings, and over 60 cousins. Talk about a safety net.

Back to my point.

There is an unbelievable amount of people out there who are so much worse off than we are. Yes I have gripes and complaints and even fears. But I am safe. And warm. And well fed. And well loved. And this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my home.

The worst of it– is when asked point blank. “Are you guys going to be okay?” I realized I had really screwed up. My biggest fear with the whole can’t sell our house?
What if we won’t be able to fully fund our 401K next year? Isn’t that awful?

Please forgive me.

We just found out our little town here sponsors an ‘adopt a family’ at Christmas time. I am so on board. Are you?


No Time To Blog

November 7, 2008

I promised a Thursday 13.

But I can’t find time to pee. Much less post. Thanks to Kristina P, (pun INtended) for giving me a kick.
It was going to go something like this:

Reasons I can’t blog right now.

  1. 3 new bag orders on top of the 6, I already had. (PLEASE people..if you have a holiday order for me? GET IT IN NOW!
  2. A fundraiser for the GNO Gals. You asked for it. We present A Virtual Food Drive!
  3. DailyBlonde is having Surgery. How does that affect me? She asked me to fill-in for her…and I said yes.
  4. I promised an article for BlissDom (A month ago…) whoops.
  5. ….there’s more it’s just that dinner is boiling over right now!!!

So instead.

A random Friday Picture Prose. Some shots inside my camera waiting to come out. All SOOC, who has time to EDIT!!!

In a recent nighttime prayer: TK:
“Please bless that we can be so exciting to make Halloween cookies tomorrow!”
How cute. And how can you stay no to that?

She wants American Girl Doll clothing for Christmas. UM? It costs more than HER clothing! She’s improvising. ‘Making’ her own doll clothes. See?

Presenting LABELS!!!! I am so real now.
Jennifer at Jennifer’s Jewels was AWESOME to work with TYVM.

I have this thing about Christmas Cactus. I buy one in every new house/town I move to. It documents my life, cuz it only puts on one leaf at the end of each stem/year.