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Nie Recovery Help

September 7, 2008

Maybe you’ve already seen this?

There was a massive tragedy to this family. And after receiving such love from all my blogging pals (and it was totally selfish on my part). I am once again asking for your help. Not for me for a change. There are LOTS of ways to help this family. Go over to the link above and just donate directly. Or I’ve seen several places where auctions are going on for them. (I plan to donate one of my bags, and I’ll let you know when it’s up for auction.) You can read more about the family here.

The one I know is going on right now is over at Today’sCreativeBlog.
Kim is amazing and I’m so pleased to say I know her.

These custom cards(!) are part of the first set being auctioned off right now. Hurry over there!