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Mileage Calculator Anyone??

August 5, 2009

The Wheels On The MomVan Go Round And Round…
and round and round and…

I am not kidding. I totally lost count of hours logged on our mega super family road trip… 40 hours? or was it 50?!

  • Oregon to Utah: 10 hours (unless you run into cows on the road, and extra long Saturday breakfast wait times at the teeny tiny diner in the teeny tiny town on the long long drive, and construction on I-80 in the dreariest part of northern Nevada…!) then it’s more like 12 hours.
  • Running around along the Wasatch Front from Draper to Tremonton to Sandy to Draper… (But wait till I show you all the fun people and pictures from the Women Who Make It conference!)
  • Driving from SLC to Vernal (3 hour trip) not once… but THREE separate times.. and back again.. three separate times… are you beginning to get the picture here…??
  • After a totally SHORT flight to Seattle from SLC.. for our anniversary trip… and after a couple nights in Seattle down by the waterfront (yes I have amazing pics!) We then drove to Vancouver and back again… how many hours is this so far? Do you have a calculator?
  • Finally after spending the entire last day at the Lagoon Theme Park (and by entire I mean we stayed til the park closed at 11PM FOLKS!)… We got up at 6AM to make the last leg of the longest road trip in our family’s history..

….I promise..
coming up…

Great pictures. Funny stories. And one Fabulous. Wonderous. I Can Hardly Stand it I’m So Happy… NEW CAMERA!!

This is the first part of getting back into Oregon from Northern Nevada… This cliff of a road has NO GAURD RAILS… mostly I just close my eyes during this part and chant.. there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…