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You Random Winner You.

June 16, 2008

Rhea of Texas Word Tangle, I salute your randomness.

Here is the list of random integers between 1 and 26:

(There were 26 contestants who gave me an email address or way to contact them).


(And just to be mean, Don Mills Diva and my real-life friend Melissa were second and third place, and you didn’t win anything). But Rhea did. She won a small tote.

So Ta Da.

My contest is now over. I wish my foot pain was over. OR–I wish for a turkey club sandwich. On whole wheat. Toasted. With a nice ripe avocado. (Not those tiny ones that get all stringy before you use them, ew.) That should do it. Foot Pain vs Yummy Sandwich. Either one.

And thanks for coming through on the largest comment number I may ever hope to have! If you have a blog I’ve added you to my blogroll. Go check it out, there might just be a blogga-blogga something you missed!

If you aren’t on my blogroll, comment! I’ll add you. (Or email me and I’ll get right to it!)

Blogroll revisited.

June 12, 2008

*UPDATE* I don’t mean to leave anyone out. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you comment on this post I will include you in the contest below!

I cannot figure out the deal with a blogroll? Some of my favorite sites don’t even have them?
I mean, who do you add anyway? How do you choose?

Sites you love to click everyday? Friends you’ve met online and are your new life support? Because honestly there are just waaaay too many out there. (You should see my new bloglines list…crazy). And I’m not sure a blogroll works all that well as a marketing tool? Does anyone have any advice on this one? I see people separating out their lists into different categories. Friends, Family and Wacky. (I see my blog fell into the ‘don’t know what to categorize this’! In Angie’s blog. -Thanks dear for adding me all the same! Kaye’s blog lists me as an addiction, how funny!)

Here’s what I’ve come up with. Starting today. If you comment on my blog, and you have a public blog, I will add you to my new fancy blogroll in the order that you came in. No need to take a number. Go ahead. Be the first on my blogroll!

Hopefully that ups my comments a bit, because as we all know, stat-counters are fun and all, but uh…a little impersonal. They just don’t respond when I’m happy, or cry when I’m sad, or laugh…well, at all (like you do)! And I need laughter, all the time. I do.

So there you are. Be the first to comment today, and who knows what beautiful tomorrows will come out of it.

That was gross, what I meant to type was:

I’ll bribe reward you.

If I get more comments on today’s post than I ever have before* I will give away one of my small tote bags ($20 value) to a random commenter! (See yesterday’s post for examples) I’ll give the winner a choice of two or three different fabric combos. (No matter what I call them, everyone around me keeps calling them scripture bags…oh well, scripture bag it is.) Now go tell your friends about it. (Open to US and Canada, but I would be willing to pay half of international shipping(??), please tell me in the comments if that works for you out of towners?).

Note: I’m out on surgical leave till the weekend. I ‘think’ I’ll be checking my email, but can’t guarantee it until Saturday or Sunday. But don’t let that stop you, comment away.

*(The comment number is not too secret-and one comment per person will be counted, no anonymous comments will count either–duh, who would I contact?, plus you should leave an email address if you don’t have a google account, thanks.)

(Oh and contest is open until Sunday night at midnight, Mountain Central Time).

Did I forget anything else?

Oh, yeah. Don’t forget to vote for me (or someone else) over at An Island Life. Today’s the last day!