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Ode To My New Life

September 3, 2008

My little boy was very excited to get his ‘’ back.

But I am soooo much more excited happy mirthful joyous delighted to get ALL of YOU back!

And that brings me to a little list. I’ve been composing it for several days now. It goes something like this.

Reasons I am loving my new life:

One} We had to buy a new microwave (at the old house it was built in). And this new micro? It has the button I have been coveting for FOUR LONG years….wanna know what it is?

(Whisper this)
“Add 30 Seconds”

Two} My kids live close enough to their new school to WALK!
Now. If it rains or snows or is just friggin’ cold, yes I will be happy to drive them the .7 miles. But did you hear me? They WALK TO SCHOOL!

Three} My husband’s new commute time is 4.8 minutes. MINUTES! I say ‘GET A BIKE’!

Four} I just got internet back today. ‘Nuff Said.
But I’ll say more anyway. I had DSL before. And this is through cable. So far? MUCH FASTER.

Five} They have a community pool here, I know, who doesn’t? But um…THIS pool is geothermally heated and outdoor and open YEAR round. (Gets mighty cold here, so I’m dying to see how this all works out?)

Six} I mentioned this in the last post. But it’s so great it needed to be mentioned again. There are KIDS. SAME ages as my kids, just up the street. I have a whole post to do about the Mormon network when you move. And as amazing as it was to find a kid family so close, it is totally rockin’ amazing to find out they are LDS? Now THAT’s a small world.

Seven} I just found out that the elementary school my big kids are attending….had PRE-K. Oh this is big. Big as in, just found out there’s a Jo-Anns here(there is). Even bigger? I just found out they have ONE SPOT LEFT in PRE-K! He can go to pre-school in the SAME building as my older kids. Think about that. Still doing extra pick ups, but everyone in the same place each morning….wow.

Eight} I have sunsets. Oh you have those too? Well I have SUNSET, sunsets. EVERY night. Right outside my one hundred windows with a view of TWO (yes 2!) lakes. Seriously every night I’ve been here (that would be 5 total) THIS is what greets me every evening!

This is SOOC, I don’t have my elements back up on the laptop after the big Summer Crash ’08. But OH what I could do with it if I just had my photoshop back up?? If you don’t know what SOOC means…then you don’t know my friend Pioneer Woman… And no she doesn’t need a plug from me, with her 4,000 comments…ahem.

Nine} Here’s one more and it maybe could have gone in up with the hubby commute item? But it’s just so good it gets it’s own list item….

Are you curious….?

Still with me….?

Okay. The coolest thing in my new life? My husband came HOME for lunch yesterday. Yup that’s it. The absolute coolest thing I could possibly think of. I made him my crazy yummy vegetarian salad. And then. Something I never would have even put on a wish list of cool things…. HE UNLOADED the dishwasher while on this unthinkable lunch break at home! He did. You think I’m making this up don’t you? Oh and just to get one more dig in…. He came home for lunch again today. All of that 1.2 miles, for lunch, with me.

I could get used to Oregon.

But watch out,
there might be a ‘things I don’t love so much about my new life’ post in the near future.

Diary of A Move

August 29, 2008

I’ll try to write up a better version of this thing we call MOVING. (And totally remind me to tell you all about Texas Jake. Really you WANT to hear this part.)

But for now…

The photos will have to do.

Before the movers…ALL THOSE BOXES.



11 hours in a van, WITH a cat. Who rode in that exact postition the WHOLE time. She didn’t drink. She didn’t eat. She didn’t use the litter box (thank Heaven for small miracles).

A ‘DETOUR’. (I’m blaming Melanie…we TOTALLY missed the turn off).
(What Fields, Oregon Looks like.) I told you we are NOT moving to the lush green forests you think of when you think of Oregon.

(What gas tanks in Fields, Oregon Look like.) You do realize you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon? Cute 17 year old young uns pump it for you. I soooo wanted to take a pic. of this kid for you. I didn’t.

(click to enlarge…it’s worth it)

AND…the rental house waiting empty for us to sleep on it.

After a night in the local hotel…wake up bright and early to THIS:

(Yes that IS a 70 foot trailer high centered at the corner near our house. Thanks for asking.)
After another truck came to ‘raise’ the traler, they were able to drive around THE WAY WE TOLD THEM in the first place and get right to the house. So all was well.

Except for this.

Can you tell what’s in this (now busted to pieces) Poster Frame?

That’s it. I still have no internet in our house. Ahem…’borrowing’ from the local hotel…*don’t tell*. And yes IT IS killing me. But kids are all enrolled in school, know who their teachers will be and have just today met 3 kids who live 3 doors down who will all be in the same grades! And I have 15+ bags to make, just as soon as I find my sewing machine.

You so totally wish this was your mess don’t you?


More reviews and an Update…

August 21, 2008

First, the update. It sucks. All of it.
We did find a nice house to rent, so that is one HUGE stress to stop worrying about.
But the packing. Stressing over this house. And the packing?! I know there are so many out there with a lot worse problems than a husband who has just found his dream job and needs his family to move 2 states away so he can enjoy that dream job?
But right now, it is so giving me grief. (Good thing I don’t have time to pee, much less think on it, or I’d be a complete boobing mess!)


Saag Paneer
photo by Parvinder Singh
This is Saag Paneer. My FAVORITE Indian dish. I think the Paneer is about the homemade cheese and the Saag is about the spinach. But I am all about eating this with rice and garlic Naan. It’s what we ate last night. Take out. Don’t let the green sway you…it’s YUMMY. We are about to embark on a week long take out tour, cuz tonight is the official pack up the kitchen night!

Okay quick reviews today, sorry they are short, I swear it’s not that I don’t love these ladies. Cuz. I do.

Don Mills Diva

Okay– for the longest time I thought this gal’s name was Don. Which is fine of course, so Mills must be her last name? So She’s Don and she’s a Diva? But no. I’m a dunce. Don Mills is the town in Canada where KELLY lives!!! Hello? Duh. And my favorite line of hers comes from her bio: ‘Clinging to the crumbs of my coolness’. Oh I hear you. Well, I wasn’t cool before kids so maybe I don’t hear it… oh, you know what I mean…

I loved these two posts. One right after Blogher (I guess there was some hullabaloo over Mommy Blogging not being real?–I wasn’t there, so maybe I’M not real?). And this one just about writing and blogging and the whole privacy thing. It’s true. How do you figure that stuff out? Did you notice the part where she mentions like it’s nothing that she’s a float plane pilot like it’s nothing? Go ahead, she’s a real writer, so you (ahem, I) might learn something! I like this one too…Ducks, Float Plane, Cute Kid!

Bloggety Blog Blog

This one calls herself Saucy. And I believe her. She calls her husband Veto for heck’s sake! And I’m pretty sure I found her through Today’s Creative Blog. Which means…yup. She’s creative! You should see her kitchen re-do on a house they affectionately call the ‘flip house‘. (Scroll down to the amazing kitchen transformation!). But I still think her own laundry room wins. I asked her if she was Mormon with a laundry room like that? She said, no. She’s a JAP. Jewish American Princess. So there. And to prove my questioning… here’s a terrific Diaper Cake Tutorial? See, she could be Mormon? Just sayin’.

A Real Anti-Supermom

Oh the good blog titles! Are you keeping track? I’m serious I may be giving away a prize at the end of this and make all of you vote for the best blog title. So be ready.

Beth is pretty funny and makes it easy to find good posts to share…Thursday’s post is funny, and don’t we all love it when the kids share more information than they should? My 4 year old kept telling people that he had a little brother, and everyone kept asking me if I was pregnant or something! Ha! NOT. And here she is doing a good deed in the form of a PSA. (Um…boobs or not, it was worth it?) Lastly this is one of her posts that I totally understand…. I want to be an Anti-Supermom too.

It All Started At Kent State

Hmmm. I just realized I do not know the why behind her blog title? Laurie must have met her husband there right? I mean cuz there are a lot of other things that started at Kent State…war protests, student riots…? Nah, it’s gotta be the love story thing started there right? I’ll have to ask her… Here’s what I do know. She’s a nurse. She loves the Cleveland Indians. (And Manny Ramirez). She has two cute kids. And I first met her when I read a very touching post about the loss of her twin babies. She’s actually one of the Momo moms I’ve stumbled onto, but the high risk part was devastating for her and her family. Here’s the lines from that post that still reach out to me:

1. Why can some people have twins, triplets, quads, etc. and are able to handle it?
2. Why can other people have twins with siblings and can handle it?
3. Why would God take my babies?
4. What did I do to prove to God that I could not handle it?

Heartbreaking huh?

She’s such a trooper though, and I enjoy reading her blog. Go check out this post about her daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. Very CU-UTE.

That’s all for today. Heck probably the week.

Off to that kitchen junk up. I mean pack up.