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Reeses Homemade Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

June 1, 2009

I Heart Reeses!

Reeses minis homemade peanut butter cups

First: Unwrap 48 mini Reeses.
(Second: Unwrap 10 more, hurry and eat them before kids see you)

reeses peanut butter cups homemade

You need a mini muffin pan for these, and seriously if you don’t already have any silicone bakeware? Go get some.. I LOVE mine!

kid eating homemade reeses peanut butter cups

I’ve seen recipes that say let these sit for a few hours to set up. And…HELLO?? Melting chocolate goodness! Why wait?!

RECIPE: On the back of Reeses Minis. Or google it, there are plenty of sites with the recipe, and they were all the same…

The only thing that seemed strange was that it doesn’t make a lot of cookie dough and you really only use a tiny bit in each mini muffin cup, but it does stretch to 48 cookies (even when the munchkins eat a couple dabs of dough.. not the mom though.. I would never do that… )

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