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June 6, 2009

Planning The Vacation For 2012…

May 19, 2009

I haven’t told my husband yet.
In the summer of 2012?

We are going on a long drive.

Who plans that far in advance?

Well… let me tell you a little story. Probably in college.. yes that was a really long time ago.. 15+ years in fact. I first came across a modern art GOD named Christo. Do I sound just a little crazy? Or maybe you’ve heard of this guy? Anyway. If you haven’t. He has created all these massive works of art out IN the world. He and his wife Jean-Claude claim there is no meaning beyond the immediate aesthetic for each massive project. They have no actual artwork, in fact each piece is removed at the end!

From the Umbrella project:

Christo's Umbrellas 1991

To Wrapping Statues and Trees:
See some videos of these events and others as well on Plexifilm. (thanks for the suggestion by @HappySquid!)

Christo and Jeanne-Claude / Wrapped Trees 1998

To Wrapping Whole Buildings!! The Riechstag:

Reichstag wrapped by the Artist Christo

He even wrapped the Opera House in Sydney, Australia!

Okay back to my story.

So I knew of his work, and honestly I thought he was dead or something? Turns out.. there was this gigantic project called The Gates, that he and Jean-Claude were creating right in Central Park. And of course we were moving away from that area JUST BEFORE the project was set to go up!! (I cried when I found out.)

How did I NOT know about this?

I vowed, if I ever saw anything else by this amazing artist… I was going to plan IN ADVANCE… I was going to purchase plane tickets… I was GOING. TO. SEE. his next exhibition.

And guess what? {Did you already guess?}

In 2012.


The Project is called ‘Over The River‘.

It will be located in Colorado.

They are covering 5.9 miles of the Arkansas river.

They are not kidding.

Check out the Over The River website with the detailed information, {they’ve been working on this project since 1997 folks!!}

Where will you be in July/August of 2012?

Would you like to join me on a family ART vacation? Once in a lifetime kind of trip? Possibly one step above the world’s largest ball of twine? {Who needs Disneyland?} You will be able to raft down the river UNDER the covering, seeing the sky through the translucent fabric! There will be walking trails up to the art installation. I am SO doing this… Planning now for this.

PS. One of my closest friends back in New Jersey did get to see The Gates. And it took me 3 weeks to get over my jealous twitching eye. (Remind me to tell you about my Museum of Modern Art story.)

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Two Sites: Great Connections: Fun Stuff

May 14, 2009

Time for some More Good Than Crazy

I was talking with Kathie via Twitter a few weeks ago as Earth Day was fast approaching and she mentioned that she was hosting a couple fun giveaways from her site.. you had to write an Earth Day Themed Haiku, and then enter it on her shop’s blog:

Rock on! I was IN! I was also intrigued… from her blog I skipped over to her shop site: and oh my heck such great stuff… And yes I’m all about fabulous fabric finds don’t cha know! I totally get what it takes to create and sew products!

Kathie said she was tired of spending so much money on baby shower gifts, she wanted something special and valuable. So nine years ago she sat right down at her kitchen table and designed baby bibs!

Talk about someone I could sit down with at that kitchen table and chat all things fabric huh!?

And NOW?? You can find Lilypad Baby products in numerous publications and in retail stores around the nation! All handmade, custom, quality baby products from the heart. And I was excited to know that she has them all manufactured in the US, in fact she thought maybe I could get some of my ApricotAlot items in with her team of seamstresses! I’m so excited!

{PS.. I won one of those haiku contests and I received my super cute handmade and very Earth Friendly reusable napkins!! Perfect for my kids’ lunchboxes!} Are you jealous yet?

Please meet Kathie, owner of Lilypad Baby, and blogging at Lilypad Place. You can chat with her about fabric (or whatever..) on twitter @KathieLB.


Round TWO: More GOODIE than crazy!

I came across Today’s Goodie a few weeks ago..and I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant? Cupcakes? Palm Readers? Of course I just flat out asked Shane (one of the founders) what is She was happy to share. In fact she was happy to talk to me directly on the phone!

Turns out they have found a fabulous way to share current and trendy finds every day. From chic baby gear, to massive mom stuff, to foodie finds… {ohhh maybe some cupcakes after all?!} Great items delivered right to your inbox everyday.

Shane in Kentucky…Jacki in Chicago: Two Hip chicks sharing a couple-a-goodies a day! How cool is that? Well after chatting with them about what they do I realized something WAY more cool… They are able to sell each of the daily finds at a discount! So you are thinking, OH.. last year’s stuff right? WRONG. Current items, you’ll find in boutiques across the country. And you can check for giveaways on Today’s Goodies Blog!

So what are TODAY‘s Goodies? Glad you asked:

  1. Flatten Me: A personalized storybook involving your child and their photo.
  2. SnapShot by Nuvo Vino – A wine thermometer that helps serve wine at just the right temperature.

AND… I’m kind of excited… Shane and Jacki let me in on a little secret… You want in too? Shhhhh don’t tell them I told… !

All of next week they are hosting a giveaway a day on! They are celebrating their new name! Whoop, let’s help ’em celebrate huh? For five days a $20 gift certificate a day. Be looking for my tweets next week. I’ll be spreading the #GoodieLuv via twitter!

I was thinking how great these two sites are for each other… LilyPadBaby please meet TodaysGoodie, maybe those bibs can be a goodie sometime in the near future.. what do you think!?

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Momming It Forward in Portland

April 21, 2009

What a perfect little weekend getaway!

My husband was traveling last week, he landed in Portland one day before we drove in. It was a 5 hour drive for me, but quite possibly some of the most gorgeous country on EARTH! I’m serious. When you think of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. THAT’s where I was! From 5 feet of snow on the top to crabapple trees in bloom down the other side!

Eating lasagna at Cheri‘s house. THANKS so much for letting us stop over and eat your YUMMY food!! {And play with your dog!} How’s this for sweet of her, it was HER birthday and she made dinner for US!!?

The next morning we rocked the Portland Saturday Market, with all the little artisan shops. My husband got a little bored though.. He was all? How many spices, and blown glass can you look at? But my 11yrold was soo in love with these twirling whirly gigs with a large round glass orb in the center. “Only $20 mom! I’ll pay for it, I will!”

She and her sister ended up with cute matching hats instead…

Later that night I ditched the family and went to The Fat Straw Cafe down in the ‘OH.MY.HECK awesome neighborhood of the Hawthorne District’.

I met up with:
Michelle (@DapperSnappers)
Cheri (@nottoosticky)
CC (of If Only I Had Superpowers blog fame!)

And others… We had a great time, talking and getting to know each other.

{And trying out Bubble Tea, very cool, very weird,
who knew tapioca balls would be a phrase I’d say out loud??}

We all tried out the Yummy products from Basa Body. And we all agreed the Lotion smelled divine, and the mint chocolate soaps from the Kiss Me Kit were VERY hard not to outright lick! And… we agreed the best thing in the kit is the Basa Body Stick. It has a subtle smell, BUT OH!…you will be smitten the first time you rub this on your elbows! 100% coconut oil, what’s not to love?

I rubbed the stick on my 8yrold’s atrociously dry hands AFTER she fell asleep and I swear her hands were soooo much better in the morning! Imagine what this will do for your feet!!

We raised over $200 for and the mom entrepreneurs in Kenya that night! And a lot of why we were able to do that was thanks to our sponsors. Will you do me a favor and click over to each of these sponsors and say thanks with your mouse?

  • Have you seen these Toddler belt clips? I promise if you have a toddler you need to SEE these! These are the kinds of thing you will be seeing on Oprah soon, so if you hurry you will be able to say: “I knew about Dapper Snappers waaay before!
  • I’ve already been singing my 4yrold’s praises of this site.. go see for yourself… or wait til tomorrow when I’ll be giving away a 6month subscription!
  • You absolutely must see the Mother’s Day gift ideas.. I picked this chocolate explosion of a gift! What would you pick out for YOURself!?

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Don’t Know What to Make For Dinner Tonight??

April 20, 2009


Got your attention didn’t I!?

I just found a website that provides amazing recipes for you all week long!

A Flash In The Pan

Delivers the recipes, provides a print sheet AND helps you with your grocery list! {I need that part the most.} In fact, I’m havingtheir Chicken Soup with Rice for dinner, and yes we’ll be reading the book!

And this cooksheet thing? It tells you when to start cooking what for each meal! (click that and scroll down to see an ‘example’.) Like this:

  • 5:46 start the chicken
  • 5:51 Start the noodles
  • 5:54 add something else to the chicken…

and so on.

{I’m going to ask them to add in the part where you have to turn the whole meal off and run to pick up your 11yrold cuz you totally forgot her at little league??}

My Friend Shellie over at Blog4Mom has created a giant group of giveaways including 100 FREE Subscriptions! Check out her site to see all the blog participants and to find out how to win your subscription.

Oh and get this….!

Better than a full year of meals, suggestions and recipes?


The amazing and very professional chefs behind A Flash In The Pan, are going to come to YOUR HOUSE to cook for you! They will fly in, do the shopping, do the cooking and the cleaning up (okay you might have to help with that part..) But HOW freakin’ cool is that? If I were to win.. I would soo invite some girlfriends over for a rockin’ girl’s night at MY house! What would you do?

What are you waiting for? Head over to Blog4Mom and check out all the places you can enter!

There will be additional winners and the Grand Prize Winner announced This Wednesday via Twitter. Yup. Earth Day.

  • April 22nd from 7-9PM EST.
  • Hashtag: #FIPan
  • Custom TweetGrid: #FIPan

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If You Give a Blogger a Recipe…

April 20, 2009
Kate the Great from Cooking During Stolen Moments
has created an eCookBook. Where did she get the recipes for this eCookBook?
Well, two are mine! She has added my Pistachio Cake and My Veggie Bolonese…

But there are other recipes from online blogging buddies of mine!

  • Daisy (my favorite poet) from CompostHappens has added Mosaic Muffins.
  • @David_Tinney (my awesome Twitter pal) has added T-Bone Steaks.. um.. YUM!
  • Katie (the BuildABear winner) from Good Life {Eats} has added Vanilla Sugar Sweat Bread.

I don’t know about you, but I could be talked into buying the book just from these offerings! But there are over 170 recipes total!

What is the cost? A donation. I’d recommend $20 for the full recipe book, and you decide if you only want the cookes, or breads or even a main dish book! The books are available now, hurry!

All proceeds are going to Share Our Strength, please read more about the virtual bake sale on Kate’s blog!

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Not One But Two…More Good Than Crazy

April 10, 2009

First Up:~~~

LapTops For FlatTops

I have two siblings who joined the Air Force, and a brother-in-law in the Army. I live in a country where others fight wars and conflicts that keep my family safe. My husband unknowingly got on the train on September 11th and entered NYC that fateful day. (Read his story, and my story.)

I am grateful for the men and women serving in the armed forces. What better way to celebrate Good Friday, than to celebrate the GOOD these people do for all of us?

Military Wives Go the Extra Distance Imagine one of those serving was your Husband or your Wife. And how grateful you would be for email to communicate! (photo by

Now imagine you don’t have a computer and communicating with your spouse overseas is hard?

If you or someone you know has a
family member in the military and could
use a new laptop to communicate:

Here’s an Essay Contest for military families to win a laptop for their family and a webcam for their serving spouse! (Get it? Laptops for Flatops…!?) It is sponsored by And they are giving away a laptop and a webcam to two deserving families each month for the rest of the year!

Please read all the contest rules (the essay can only be 400 words):

Submissions must come from a family who has an immediate family member (husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter) who is serving in the US Military in a location not in the continental United States.

Please email the contest link to any military families you know! Thanks!

School Supply Drop
Photo by dvidshub

And Second:~~~

A Chocolate Spa Getaway Weekend

Did I get your attention? I know! CHOCOLATE. check! SPA. double check! I’m in. And by in, I mean I am entering this contest baby… YOU should too!


Write a 300 word essay. You just have to explain why your best girlfriend deserves this Chocolate Spa Vacation to Hershey, PA. (Staying in the fabulous Hotel Hershey of course!) This could be about your close friend who just got divorced, your single girlfriend who could use a pick-me-up, or your married confidant who needs a getaway!

If your essay is judged the best entry by contest standards, BOTH you AND your girlfriend will win Airfare, Hotel Stay…


Over $400 (four hundred) worth of Spa Treatments, including a Swedish Massage, a Facial, a Chocolate Wrap and Lunch in the Oasis- a lite lunch of salads, soups and wraps at the spa in your robe and sandals.
There’s more… but honestly after I read about the Spa Treatments I couldn’t see straight anymore…! This contest is sponsored by:

And they are all offering additional prizes…
Seriously. Go check out this contest! Deadline is April 17th!

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