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Church Chat: The Spiritual Side Of Mom

January 10, 2010

Meditation, Prayer, “Still Small Voice”

May 2010 bring all three.


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I love the book: Eat, Pray, Love by Michelle Gilbert. There is a part in it where she is distraught over the demise of her marriage. At one point she is sitting on her bathroom floor (she feels it’s the only place in her small apartment she can truly be alone). She is crying and in her own way, praying. She writes that she felt like she was ‘talking to herself’ or hearing things. And she begins to write down these thought-self-talks, so she doesn’t feel crazy. She is totally surprised by the wisdom she gains from these writing sessions…

I wasn’t surprised by her discovery. Most of us would call that the ‘Spirit’ talking to you, or through you, or whatevs… However you describe it, the only way I know to receive personal inspiration, or revelation, or wisdom.. is to find a quiet place and sometimes simply listen to the ‘still small voice’.

I often need some sort of preparation however. Being alone often isn’t enough. I need to quiet my mind, I need to remove a little stress at least from my immediate vision and most of all I need to ‘ask’ for it. For me, in the form of prayer. I believe in a Heavenly Father who literally knows me and knows my name. I believe in Jesus Christ who acts as an intermediary, a mailman if you will. Delivering my pleas and desires and gratitudes to that Heavenly Father, (who is also His Heavenly Father). And last I believe that the Holy Spirit is a third resource who then brings my personal guidebook and Godly information via the Self-Talking-Hearing network. A lot like Michelle Gilbert describes. I read her book and thought.. hello that’s the Spirit talking to you.

I wish I could say I’m the type to wake early and spend an hour or so alone before my world wakes up. But I’m not. I can stay up til 2AM (I pay for it the next day) but try as I might: SLEEP is what I want to do at 6AM. So when can I catch a glimmer of that hushed calm that I crave? Instead… in 2010 I resolve to find more me-time. How?
  • MomVan: Waiting for carpool or while youngest is in pre-school and I’m on my way to the grocery store. Simply practice breathing that deep diaphram Yoga kind of breath. Not to crash or anything but kind of tune out the world and do some ‘not-thinking’ for a few minutes.
  • Bathroom: Let’s face it, sometimes at home it’s the only time the kids give you a break. Give yourself permission to spend extra quality time with the John.
  • Naptime: Make the most of the few hours one kid is asleep and before the older ones return with their afterschool marathon needs. Refuel myself so I can better parent the rest of the day. A large portion of the world believes in siestas.. why not me too? They say 20 minutes is the perfect restocking amount of afternoon shut-eye.
  • Right Before Bed: I tend to meditate on the day’s activities just before I nod off to sleep. Why fight it? Intead, plan 15 minutes of reading scripture or other uplifting reading, writing in a journal, or simply meditating quietly about my day, my life, my kids, my husband and yes. Myself.

How will you find your quiet place in 2010?

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Resolutions: Soda Spirits & Spiritual

January 4, 2010
Where can I buy a Diet Coke Patch?

Not for me. For the Hubster.

1. He’s a diabetic; basically weaned directly onto TAB as a 14yrold. (I know, he’s old huh?)

2. He/We are Mormon so that basically limits a dude at the drink bar to seltzer water or Diet Soda. (Often he has to fight the secretaries off for the last Diet Coke at office parties… I’ve seen it happen, NOT pretty).

3. It’s the main reason he gets along so well with my mother. They are both Diet Coke addicts and it works out so smoothly for each of them. (Diet Coke run anyone? Why yes you’re such a SWEET son-in-law! Oft heard phrases during family gatherings.)

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Resolution Numero UNO:

No more soda. He’s been making plans for it for weeks now. Those plans included drinking (in fairly large quantities) all the soda hanging around the house. Plus several 44oz Circle K runs. But he was commited to his goal. And on New Year’s Day, 2010: My husband (AKA diet coke runs through his veins) officially gave up Diet Coke. Cold Turkey. Dead Duck. Or whatever.

And here we are day 4. Soda free. Caffeine free. Dare I say it…? Diet COKE free. Yes. 4 whole days. Can he make it? I’m rooting for him so let’s hope so!

I’ve been threatened with a slow painful death if I even say one word about how much Fruit2O and/or Propel he’s drinking instead of soda but what the heck? He says no headaches, or even any real cravings.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is that he has taken up running. He’s following a program that helps you start slow with walking inbetween jogging with the whole goal being NOT to get hurt, while taking up the jogging sport.

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Resolution Numero Dos and the rest… (my turn)

I have my own teeny tiny soda addiction. I tried giving up Mountain Dew last year. I don’t drink a lot but it was clearly becoming a need VS. an afternoon snack. And the main reason I failed last year was because my dear Hubby kept bringing me home 20 ouncers on the weekend! He was the enabler no doubt. Well not this time. If he can cold turkey the DC then I’m Dead Ducking the MD… (or something like that).

But my main goal this year is spiritual. For myself. To find quiet time. 5 minutes. That’s all I ask. To meditate quietly. To pray. To find inspiration. Can I do it? Will Twitter interfere? Will my 5yrold?

Another thing is that in Oregon Cell Phones have officially been banned in the car. And since I’m working to diminish my cellular dependance, I’ve decided to leave it home sometimes. (Can you even imagine!) I know, what if I get in an accident? What if I forget the address? What if… oh for Pete’s sake, who cares? I’ll borrow a phone, pull over to ask for directions and generally get some peace and quiet in the momvan for a change. Amen.

Link Round-Up! Yee Haw.

September 25, 2009

Good finds: Crazy daisies

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My 8yrold recently discovered her quirky side. She dresses shall we say… eclectically? I’m buying her the brightest patterned tights I can find. I found these patterned tights at $16.

My friend Gretchen of only lives a few THOUSAND miles away… over in FRANCE… you simply must see her artwork. I’m in love with the Safari prints and the fairies are fab! $18

While I was jogging at the gym I found this idea in a magazine: Active Edge Easy Catch…. the ball is foam so it’s indoor friendly! Cuz I swear sometimes my 5yrold is NOT!! $28.99.


My 11yrold is currently reading/devouring/inhaling the Percy Jackson Series of Books. Book one is The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan. She came home yesterday whining that her school library does not have the fifth one. Can you say BDay present?? $7.99

I just bought her a pair of converse shoes a lot like these and look(!) here they are 20% off. (We were able to use our 20% coupon plus my $15 rewards gift card on TOP of the buy one get one half off! I call that a good shopping day.) $39.99


I dare you NOT to love the contemporary furniture on Plus…CSNstores has a living room makeover giveaway going on.. HELLO! *BONUS*!

I just made this TONIGHT for dinner: Roast Pork Tenderloin w/Apricot Glaze: recipe from {YES. I’ll share.} Leftover suggestion? Shred pork and simmer in BBQ sauce and 1 can tomato sauce, voilá pork sandwiches!

I’m super excited! I just found out I get to be a judge for a contest LeeLouBlogs is hosting for the amazing Memory Mixer products… Go check out the contest and even if you don’t own Memory Mixer Software you can use a 30 day free download to create your scrapbook entry! {There’s a laptop as first prize…!}

*disclaimer: affiliate links included

When It Rains…

September 18, 2009

The Dad went out of town.
You KNOW that means EVERYthing will happen all. at. once.

A Day In The Life:

Up at the Kid-Crack-of-Dawn.

Everyone piles into my bed to read a few verses of scriptures and group family prayer.
Oldest kid already ate breakfast; she then catches the bus much earlier than anyone else.
Make lunches for two. Feed everyone else. Chase the cat off the dang counter!
Scoot the younger ones off to school.

Pears are quickly going bad in my garage…
So I traipse over to pick up a friend’s Kitchenaid attachment to grind them into Pear Sauce.
Only. When I get it home..Surprise! it was the shredder!
(Which I can so totally use as a friend brought me oodles of zucchini!)

Which meant I didn’t get to start the pears while kids were still in school…

It’s early pick up day at the elementary.
But Jr. High still has the regular pick up time.
And both girls need to be at the church to help set up for a ‘spaghetti dinner’ their little church group is putting on.
So I pick up the younger, run to get the RIGHT grinder attachment,
Then jam back to catch the older one on time.
…And drop the girls off at the Church.

Start processing some of the pears.. cuz did I mention I have no idea what I’m doing? I’ve made apple sauce before, but how to do pears? I ground up about 7 quarts, slapped some Fruit Fresh in it, gave the tupperware a lid and plopped it in the fridge. (Said a prayer it wouldn’t be brown by the time I got back.)

Run back to the church to EAT the spaghetti dinner, and be appropriately awed by 9 and 11yrold skits as entertainment! (have you seen the Liz Clairborne skit..? Hilarious!)

Haul everyone back home, get them ready for bed, (skip baths! who needs ’em?), read books, and IN TO BED!

Oh wait. The pears are in dire NEED NOW! And the fruit flies are threatening to take over…
Stay up til 1 crushing, bottling and processing 11 quarts of Pear Sauce… (This is in addition to the 21 quarts of regular pears)!

Someone better enjoy it all!

Clean This Blog!

June 10, 2009

Will Blog for Maid Service - The New Simple Way to Find and Schedule Cleaning Services

Over 2 years ago I created an online business. I started out with a community forum, complete with local sponsors… one of my main goals was simply to make enough money to have help cleaning my house once a month….

That online community never took off
(although the porn spammers were sure active!)

And in the mean time, I was the only one who cleaned!

But last Friday? Via I was able to schedule a partial house cleaning. Oh my gosh is that like the best present ever??

Seriously I have spent HOURS scrubbing and soaking and scrubbing some more on my very WHITE stovetop… I had totally given up making it sparkle. LOOK at what that baby looks like now!! And I have no idea how they did it?

Wanna know another dream of mine?

To have my house cleaned WHILE I’m away somewhere. Oh can you imagine coming home to a sparkling house? I swear I thought my shower doors were glazed. HELLO? They are clear! Who knew!

I was totally impressed with the personal service of BidMyCleaning. I mean, I live out in po-dunk of po-dunk. And when I first took a look at the site there was no service in my zipcode. I was bummed, and replied to @bidmycleaning via twitter (O’Brian is the owner). He was undaunted however, and told me to go ahead and schedule a cleaning anyway… if you schedule they will come??

And sure enough he was able to search around in my tiny town and find a national cleaning service to come and do the work! {Think I was excited!? Yeah baby!}

When you go through they will even help you negotiate the price.

  • Need your windows cleaned? Send in a request!
  • A deep cleaning before your husband’s surprise 40th birthday party..? Call ’em up!
  • How about getting your basement’s carpet cleaned? Yup. They can line that up too.
  • Would this so totally make the best birthday gift for your sister??

It’s easy, just submit a request and be sure to talk to O’Brian @bidmycleaning or Candice @CandiceStone. You’ll love it!

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