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Please Meet: ‘MeetingBoy’

January 30, 2010

He’s @MeetingBoy on Twitter and if you haven’t yet, take a look at his tweet-stream! You can bet, if there’s a meeting? He’s on Twitter.


Totally cracks me up and I don’t work in an OFFICE!

I’m here to announce…. Meeting Boy has a calendar!
meeting boy calendar

PhotobucketThe funniest tweets from @MeetingBoy illustrated throughout the year. Let his corporate misery be your comedy.

Featuring a whole year’s worth of 140 character mocking amusements and ridicule and feigned joy at yet another meeting to schedule more meetings about meetings…

Are YOU in the same nightmare Meeting Boy finds himself? {Or like me, is your husband?}

Then enjoy these ‘daily MeetingBoy updates’ and 300 others in your very own calendar!

PhotobucketA two-hour meeting? Let me fire up Twitter.
PhotobucketMy cellphone cuts off voicemails after 4 minutes. You call it a bug; I call it a feature.
PhotobucketI’ve been working too much. I just dialed 9 for an outside line…from home.
PhotobucketIvan Denisovich’s life seems so interesting from where I’m sitting.
PhotobucketDo they have meetings in Heaven? Because I’m certain they do in Hell.
PhotobucketA 4:00 meeting about fries should include fries. Call your congressman.
PhotobucketJust witnessed another painful hallway ‘look at you! When are you due?’
People, if it’s after lunch, let’s asume it’s a food baby.
goodncrazy blue dots

Cost: $15 (Worth every cent per Tweet!)
Author and Funny Tweet Man: @MeetingBoy
Illustrators: @spencermains @visway @tomfishburne @biblicone @twipcomics

YES. He gave me my very own calendar for free.