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Retro for $2

October 8, 2008

PhotobucketMe at 18 months.

You know my mom so made this dress? Likely it wasn’t for me. It probably was a hand-me-down from any one of my older 4 sisters. But what really gets me is the orange shag carpet. The polyester carpet-like dress of one of those older sisters? And that SHOE! People would pay big money for those EXACT ugly shoes today, wouldn’t they?
I’m not mentioning the curtains, btw. (?)

Ya think this picture dates me a little? Probably mid 1975? No don’t do the math. I’m 35. Yes. It felt like a rotten age to be. But it’s turned out pretty good so far. Crazy, but good.

I thought I would write up a life history…up to and including the age in that picture. (A little at a time here..don’t want to bore anyone.)

I was born in a tiny town. A Napoleon Dynamite size of a town in South Eastern Idaho. There were already 5 kids in my family when I was born. My mom was only 29. My Dad was an Auto Mechanics teacher for the high school one town over. And they co-owned the local grocery store/gas station/service station. Nearly my whole extended family lived within one hour’s drive from that tiny town. I had three other cousins my same age, and I’m sure by this age I had already had sleepovers at their homes.

We lived on a corner lot and our front yard was lined with a bunch of crabapple trees. I can remember being afraid of all the bees in the springtime (that memory might have come later…). And the backyard was lined with lilac bushes. And the Lilac is still one of my favorite flowers. And easily my favorite scent.

Oh? The $2 in the title? Yeah. To have a photo scanned and then loaded on a digital CD? $2.50! Sheesh. I don’t make that much in a month on this blog…oh well. It’s cuz I love you guys. (And I gotta figure out how to use my printer’s scanner feature!)

I LINKED up at Angie’s Place….Did you!