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Won’t You Join My Qlubb?

October 5, 2009

Please meet some of my BEST pals!

Tech Mom Playdate!

I was asked to test out

And at first I didn’t get what it was for?
Here’s their tagline:

“Qlubb: for organizing groups anything else is chaos”

Hmmm? I was intrigued. I dug deeper.
How can I better organize my group or club?

They ask:

Are you a Soccer mom?
Do you run your school’s PTA?
Are you a class mom?
Or do you Run a Women’s group?

Or… a Bookclub…?

Oh now we’re talkin’. We have been trying to get our local bookclub organized better for months I even tried opening a google group email account. But none of the moms replied to the invite…(it went to spam?) and I couldn’t figure out how to manually add them??

I gave a shot.

goodncrazy blue dots
Dude. It was unbelievably easy.
Like three steps of easy:

1. Register for an account.
Think up a name that will double as both your group’s private website URL, AND your group’s joint email address. It will look like:

Plus your group will have it’s own password protection, so come up with something everyone will be able to remember! {I chose the title of one of the books we all loved last year.}

2. Send a quick email invite to all the members in your group.
(And if the moms in your group are not tech savvy like some in mine weren‘t… you can create each member’s account and get them set up for receiving group emails). A very cool part is that they do not have to interact with the website if they don’t want to. Several of the moms in my bookclub only wanted to have emails sent to them, not have to worry about ‘posting’ to the site or anything. Which is totally fine!

3. Customize your new Qlubb..Club!
Lots of options, and they came with quick easy instructions:

  • There is a group calendar (by FAR my favorite part of the whole site).
  • An update area called ‘Blurbs’. This is like a wall…{if you get facebook then you will understand how the update area works}.
  • The picture upload is really popular with my group.
  • I like seeing the list of messages that have gone out to or from the group all in one place as well.

So far this has worked out really fabulously. The person in charge of scheduling the dates and homes for the next 6 months was able to go in and create an event in the calendar for all those book nights. Plus she set them to remind everyone a week before the date is coming! LOVE THAT!

And even better— there have been several other uses for our Qlubb site that weren’t immediately obvious… for example: I recently helped put on a MaxMom Fundraiser event partnering with OfficeMax. And I was able to add the party to the calendar and send out an invite to everyone in the ‘Qlubb‘. Plus we often jump into ad hoc park playdates or quick runs to the lake or the library. And now a quick email dashed off to our email address means everyone in the group has a heads up {if they check their email daily.. like I do that is}!

If you’d like more organization and less chaos for your group or club? Go ahead, make yours an organized Qlubb! was created by Sophie Chiang and get this, her twitter username is: @OphieSay! I thought that was totally clever! By referring others to you could win a CitizenPip Lunch System! Happy Qlubbing!

In case you’re interested, Our upcoming books:

  • Movie Night: Secret Life Of Bees

  • Eragon—Christopher Paolini
  • Bride Most Begrudging—Deeanne Gist
  • Ophelia—Lisa Klein
  • Hamlet—Shakespeare
  • The Book Thief—Markus Zusac
  • The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins

Disclaimer: I was asked to review, and received a citizenpip lunch box as compensation.

Erase Teacher-Funded Classrooms-contest closed

September 27, 2009

Did you know teachers spend an average of $1200 of their own money on classroom supplies each year?

NOTE: Contest Closed

When I was asked to get involved with Office Max’s campaign to end teacher-funded classrooms. I was all… HECK yeah! Call me a Max Mom, call me a pooped out tired grouchy mom, but PLEASE let me help out with this! My dad was a teacher… with 10 kids in my family! Believe me… I get what it means to help a teacher out. And now YOU can help simply by nominating your favorite teacher in the comments!

Teachers spend $4 billion annually! That’s why OfficeMax joined with Adopt-A-Classroom to create “A Day Made Better“—a national cause event founded to erase teacher-funded classrooms. This year, “A Day Made Better” will take place on October 6 where 1,000 teachers will be surprised in their classrooms each with $1,000 worth of essential supplies from OfficeMax. That’s more than one million dollars donated to help teachers! Principals at needy schools nominated the teachers for demonstrating dedication, innovation, and passion.

To pay-it-forward, OfficeMax and Mom It Forward have teamed up to create awareness about the issue of teacher-funded classrooms and to give you the opportunity to get involved and help a teacher in your community on behalf of the “A Day Made Better.” Here’s how…

Simply nominate a teacher of your choice to win this giveaway by following the entry requirements. Be sure to check out the prize and criteria!

goodncrazy blue dots

One exceptional teacher will receive a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card to OfficeMax. This can go a long way when it comes to classroom supplies!


This is a giveaway that is meant to be given away. What does that mean? You get to nominate a teacher by sharing why this person is exceptional and deserving of this giveaway. The best part, every story told helps raise awareness in an effort to erase teacher-funded classrooms. The winning teacher will be chosen based on the following criteria, so be sure to tell us why your teacher is most deserving:
  • Dedication: does everything in his/her power to deliver the best possible education for his/her students.
  • Innovation: thinks outside the box and engages his/her students through creative learning activities & programs.
  • Passion: expresses a genuine passion for education and shares this enthusiasm in the classroom.
  • Need: demonstrates a need for essential classroom supplies.


To enter your teacher, you are required to do TWO things.

(Note: post a separate comment for each entry.)

1. Nominate him or her in your comment
(or you may link to a blog post if that’s easier)

Please keep your nomination comment (or blogpost) under 400 words.

2. Post at least one of these messages on Facebook and/or Twitter.

(Note: Be sure to leave 2nd comment here with link to your message.)

More than 30 sites are participating in this campaign between now and Sunday, October 4. Visit for a list of all the giveaways! You may enter a different teacher on every site, but you may only win once!

Thanks so much for helping pay-it-forward to teachers in your community! Please join us on Tuesday 29 from 9 to 11 pm ET for Girls Night Out (#gno) on Twitter if you’d like to meet the team behind the cause: @officemax, @adaymadebetter and @Adopt_Classroom. Hope to see you there!

*disclosure: I received A small financial compensation from OfficeMax which I spent on supplies that I donated to the teacher my MaxMom group supported.


Entries are due Sunday, October 4 by midnight PDT. No purchase necessary to enter. Winners will be selected by me based on the entry that in my opinion meets the above criteria. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom and Mom It Forward play no part in choosing the winner of this giveaway. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom, and Mom It Forward employees are ineligible to enter. In a spirit of fairness, my personal friends and family members are also ineligible. Entries that do not follow all of the entry requirements will not be considered. The winner will be notified and have 24 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If no response is received within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Open to participants in the U.S. 18 years and older.