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It’s late….

August 12, 2008

I should be packing…

But I’m not….

I start and then, it turns into such a mess, and that mess starts to look at me.

Do you have any idea how much CRAP a ten year old can cram into her tiny girly desk drawers? A LOT! A LOT of crap.

Instead I’m here. Listening to Pat Benatar–I need a hero. And I do.

Did you know that you can search for a specific exact thing inside a blog title URL like this:

“cupcakes” (Just like that. No spaces.)

Huh? Didja?

Cuz I so totally could have used that little tidbit last week when I was looking for awesome photos of awesome cupcakes.

And Didja know that it’s totally hilarious to type in “Carissa needs” into the google fun machine?

My favorite one is this:

Carissa needs to wipe off 2/3 of her make up” I do? That would leave me with only face, cuz girlz, I don’t wear MAKE-UP!


Carissa- needs two surgeries and Ive been told that each one will cost about $12000 along with an airline tickets and hotel stays” And that is funny of course, because uh…I just had TWO surgeries, but that makes it sound like I should have gotten new boobs, butt and a lovely trip to Costa Rica out of it!! (All I got was the screw back in a pee cup).

This is good:

“Villa Carissa needs to be cancelled at least 60 days prior in order to avoid penalties.” I’d say. Villa Carissa is closed right now due to an infestation of boxes and crap avoidance…but it will re-open in September…in Oregon! Feel free to make your reservations now!

Last one I promise:

“Carissa needs to wake up and realize it may be her husband next! ” It’s so true. He could succumb at any minute to the late night blogging addiction. What would we do if both of us became Mouse Potatoes?

Geez, wasn’t that fun? Your turn. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I just did.

PS. I totally stole this idea from someone, and I cannot for the life of me and my 1:30AM brain remember where I saw it? MerlotMom? Bejewell? Sorry if it was YOU…I suck.

And another PS.
I made something beautiful today. (Yes I was supposed to be packing…but LOOK at this!)