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Zhu Zhu Pets, They Zhu-Zhuoom!

September 16, 2009

Pronounced: Zoo Zoo Pets.
As in totally Zooming around your kitchen!

And if you have:

  • Kids with allergies?
  • Kids who love pets and animals?
  • Kids who are 5.. or 8 or heck… 18!
  • Kids who heart putting together play sets and such?
  • Kids who would rather play with a toy that gets THEM moving and active too?
  • Kids who forget to feed the cat and when it’s their turn to scoop the kitty litter… they are conveniently busy with homework?

Oh You Do?

Then… THE MOM will love these adorable little guys.

What are they?

Hamsters on wheels…that’s what!

And dang if they aren’t smart little guys! In fact they are too real for my kitty’s taste! I especially like that a 3yrold will play with them totally different than an older kid. A friend here said: “Can my Dudes go in there too?” He was all happy to have his Spiderman figurine interact with them!

We have two little hamster Zhu Zhu dudes: the white one’s name is Chunk.. how adorable is that? And we also have Mr. Squiggles. I advise NOT getting the white one.. ohmygosh ours is so NOT white anymore… he’s— … he’s well loved and he needs a BATH let’s just put it that way..

GoodnCrazy Kid Quotes:

  • He parked mom! He parked the CAR!—5yrold
  • It can go down the slide by itself! —11yrold
  • I don’t like the name Mr. Squiggles can I call mine Pipsqueak?
    I like that name better.—8yrold
  • Look! He’s in the bathroom? Did he poop? —5yrold (of course)

I seriously love the ‘U’ connectors — the easiest way to connect all the parts and they seem VERY strong! In fact at first they are so strong they are hard to get apart when you want to change your little hamster house configuration. You can see there are MANY many ways to put all this together. Which for the older kids is just as much fun as playing with the little dudes!

If I were only going to buy one accessory for my Zhu Zhu pet?
I’d get the car and garage set. My 5yrold little boy especially likes playing and helping his pet ‘drive’. Or get the Spinning Wheel, it really is amazing that the little pet can climb into AND out of it! Neither of these really need the ‘Fun-house’ but that would be the 2nd thing I’d pick up to start out a set.

So far the only real complaint I have is that the batteries they came with ran out in the first 24 hours? But the second set of batteries have lasted for weeks?

Happy Zhu Zhu zooming!


I was totally shocked when I saw that Zhu Zhu pets and accessories are mostly sold out everywhere? Wow? What’s the deal? There are a few sets available at FEROCIOUS prices on and a few other sites.. but I’m hoping they have them back in the regular stores soon??!

We are going to need one more little Zhu Zhu; cuz two for 3 kids.. um.? Doesn’t work!

ToysRUs prices them at $23 for a 3pack of pets and $20 for a Funhouse… but the better deal is $85 for a ‘giant’ playset including several accessories and 2 pets. It says they are out of stock though? I hope Santa is listening… try your local store??

Walmarts are also supposed to have them, but so far they don’t have any online?

*Products via MomSelect