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Summer Activities:Week 4

June 23, 2009

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Can’t Beat The Heat?
Then Join It!

Need a great SUNmer time activity with the kids? One where you’ll be grateful for all that hot sun at the end of the project? Then you’ll love this:

A solar powered toy car from
I know… cool huh?

We had a total blast putting this together! The directions were simple and easy and especially my little boy was in heaven ‘helping’ assemble the little pieces. (I totally recommend watching the video on the site though… that part about actually USING the sandpaper would have helped out a lot! duh.)

Here my little girl is attempting to screw in the little eyehooks that eventually will be the holders for the front axles… turns out it was a ‘Mommy’ job.. but she felt all big for trying!

How cute is this thing? And does it work? Totally on solar power?

Oh Yeah ya’betcha baby. Talk about the perfect playtoy? No batteries to run out. And they have to get creative with how to run the thing… cuz as soon as it hits shade?
It stops. So they rigged up several ways to set up the photo cells on top so it could be turned around and run in another direction.

Bonus: Great lessons on mechanics, engineering, solar power…and yeah… FUN!


I totally love and I get to chat often with @Nordink the creator. Terrific ideas and activities for kids of ALL ages! Try Fun with a 5 dollar bill. Or Creating a Snail City? Or my favorite Make Your Own Placemats! {We are totally doing this one!}

2. I got the inspiration for our Father’s Day Cards from : It’s a no frills site with FABulous ideas!


Oh my gosh I was totally floored by Amy Platon’s idea for a kid crafting area! You will be too! (Hint: those are spice jars filled with paint…) Amy blogs at ScribbleInkCafe.


Oh my crazy cuteness. This one isn’t a project, but sheesh do we just LOVE the designs on this Monkey See, Monkey Do clothing line? The materials are all organic. And when lined up the images tell a story!


Here’s a whole series of great children’s activities from
I love the swimming ideas!

Would you like to add your summer activity idea to this list?
Email me your suggestions!

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Kid Crafts to Beat the Boredom: Week 3

June 15, 2009

Catch all the GoodnCrazy Summer Ideas in One Click!

HELP! My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!

I’m excited to introduce Katie from Good Life {Eats}!
She is quite the foodie extraordinaire, and once upon a time was the winner of a little BuildABear! I routinely drool over her recipes and her photos!

But today… She is sharing a special treat… A fabulous Kid Friendly Craft!

Please meet Logan. Logan is home from school for the summer. Logan is bored. Logan is Katie’s little boy…

Since my 4 year old, Logan, doesn’t nap anymore, many afternoons find us in the kitchen working on some food related project. I love this special time together. Fun memories are made. Skills are learned. Conversations are shared. The kitchen is a great place to bond with your child and an inexpensive way to ease that afternoon boredom (which too often results in cranky kiddos!). He is particularly a fan of helping me bake. This time it is something a little different than our usual because it isn’t an edible project, but it most definitely involves food and the kitchen.

Click on over to Katie’s amazing website to see more of this project and all the What‘s and How-To’s! My kids can’t wait to try out this project.

A little tip: You’ll need to stock up on a bunch of rubbing alcohol! But wow, look at those amazing colors?!

Would you like to add your summer Kid Friendly Craft to this list? I’d love to share it!

Oh my crazy FUN! Does this look amazing or what? A giant cardboard box of rocket fun that will entertain the kiddos all summer long! See the details at And follow April, the owner @colormehouse on twitter!

Be craft ready with this craft box O fun. Or try a fun Paperclip Bracelet!See Dollar Store Crafts for instructions.

Try this book: Summer Fun: 60 activities for a kid perfect summer!

KissYour Brain: Avoid Summer Brain Drain (and see Part 2).

Nine Summer Activities on a Budget! I love this
keep-you-organized website: Get Buttoned Up!

1581884212_57276dd550_o Try some of Jill’s Surviving Summer suggestions: I like the tent one and the Mother’s Helper one!

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Boredom Buster: THE ACTUAL LIST

July 14, 2008

(The rules and schedule are next I promise. Well soon anyway….)

I shouldn’t have done that. Teased about the big list my kids came up with. The big list that was going to save our summer boredom lives.

The goal?

Fill up 8 half hour blocks of time with activities that (mostly) do not include mom. 4 hours, people!

Category 1:

Cooking Time— This works out to be snack time and play time all rolled into one!

(one day’s half hour is spent- a)finding recipes and b) writing up a list of any ingredients we might not have in the pantry!)

Recipes on their list:

  1. Strawberry Bread
  2. Chocolate Cheesecake squares
  3. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
  4. Fruit Kabobs with yogurt dipping sauce
  5. Nachos
  6. Carrots and Ranch, Cheese and Crackers
  7. Sadie’s famous Chocolate cookies (2 eggs, ½ cup oil, one box chocolate cake mix—presto!)

(Later they added in the brilliant idea that once a week THEY would cook dinner! I love that one!)

Category 2:

Education/School Time—Believe it or not they love this one?

Options for this half hour time slot:

  1. Reading (to self or to younger sibling) Sadie is up to book 5 Harry Potter, Sassy is reading Magic Tree House and anything by Barbara Park, (just finished “Operation Dump The Chump”).
  2. Computer Games (you can find a bazillion suggestions for great edu/games, just google it!)
  3. A couple we like are: and and
  4. Play ‘school’, usually Sadie’s the ‘teacher’, but every so often I see ’em switch it around?

Category 3:

Sports—preferrably outside…

  1. Golf
  2. Soccer
  3. Baseball (or T-ball for TK)
  4. Learn how to play Cricket?
  5. Bowling
  6. Tennis

(Make up your own ‘yard’ versions of these games and away you go!)

Category 4:

Science—this is a lot like cooking time…

  1. Make goop.
  2. Make sidewalk paint (from cornstarch)
  3. Make homemade bubbles
  4. Dig up worms from the ‘worm factory’ AKA mom’s compost heap.
  5. Goto Library, get book on science experiments for kids (this was on the list I swear…I’m just typing it).

Category 5:

Art Time—always a favorite…

  1. Rainbow Paint
  2. Markers, crayons, regular paint
  3. Work on scrapbooks
  4. Chalk art
  5. Foam Shape art
  6. Make props for Drama (see Cat. 6)

Category 6:

Drama—(and other live action stuff)

  1. Skits
  2. Plays
  3. Commercials
  4. Magic Shows
  5. Choreograph their own Dances
  6. Fashion Shows

And then video their hard work…that’s the best part!

Category 7:

Free Time—They love this one too. (After coming up with all this other stuff, they love just hanging out)

  1. Time alone in bedroom
  2. Play in playroom
  3. Read
  4. Play in backyard
  5. Find friends in the neighborhood
  6. Barbies/Polly Pocket/Cars/Ben10

Category 8:

Bigger projects–

  1. Kid’s Camp—On the weeks we run one of these, a lot of the other categories are spent planning and preparing for this. See my post about it here.
  2. Lemonade stands fall under this one too.

At the bottom of the big list, they added a few ‘hopefuls’

  1. Go bowling.
  2. Museums.
  3. Drive to Cove Fort, Utah.
  4. Ride the train and have lunch with Dad.
  5. Visit the local ‘gardens’.
  6. Spend a day at the local Theme Park.
  7. Have cousin’s over for several days at a time.

Don’t ya love Summer time with kids?

Boredom Busters: Summer fun for Kids…

July 9, 2008

Here’s our second idea from the ‘big list’ to beat the summer duds and doldrums.

Help your kids put on their own Kid’s Camp!

We’ve managed it twice so far. First Sassy makes handmade invitations. She then delivers them to with kids up and down our street. They read like a birthday party invite, so of course everyone’s thrilled. They add: cost is $1 per kid. (Yeah, don’t usually add that for birthdays, eh…?). Mom has already fronted the cash for some dollar store crafts. Sassy and Sadie then make up some P-nut butter rice crispies, and (after finding out one of the little boys up the street is a diabetic) Sugar-free Kool-Aide.

Once the kids show up, they are divided into three groups (which my daughters insist on calling ‘centers’—school language these days has changed eh?) One group to the garage for chalk art and giant bubble blowing contests. Second group to the backyard for swinging fun and splashing in the kiddy pool. And last group was supposed to be at the art station.

BUT… have you seen the little make it yourself bouncy ball kits?

I thought they seemed like the perfect craft for kids to make and then TAKE outside, right? Wrong.

They do work up easy enough, just pour in mold (only one comes in the kit however), and dip in water. (Weird? The scientist in me really wants to know what the heck the reaction in water is doing!?) Here’s the but part. They take a while to dry out and be usable…as in play OUTSIDE with?? Plus I really had to do all the craft part, the tiny dust/beads were hard for little fingers to pour into the ONLY mold. And ONLY one person could be making one at a time…

Back to the camp.

After a few rotations. And the snacks were well eaten, (and the kids were well soaked from the splashing part). It was time for Ice Pops, and good byes.

Including mine, there were 11 kids total. And enough money to buy supplies for the next round…

As if.

But it does get some serious creative juices flowing in my kids for the preparation part. They planned everything out down to the last crumb. And they get so excited on the actual ‘camp’ day, it’s great to watch them!