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Summer Activities:Week 4

June 23, 2009

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Can’t Beat The Heat?
Then Join It!

Need a great SUNmer time activity with the kids? One where you’ll be grateful for all that hot sun at the end of the project? Then you’ll love this:

A solar powered toy car from
I know… cool huh?

We had a total blast putting this together! The directions were simple and easy and especially my little boy was in heaven ‘helping’ assemble the little pieces. (I totally recommend watching the video on the site though… that part about actually USING the sandpaper would have helped out a lot! duh.)

Here my little girl is attempting to screw in the little eyehooks that eventually will be the holders for the front axles… turns out it was a ‘Mommy’ job.. but she felt all big for trying!

How cute is this thing? And does it work? Totally on solar power?

Oh Yeah ya’betcha baby. Talk about the perfect playtoy? No batteries to run out. And they have to get creative with how to run the thing… cuz as soon as it hits shade?
It stops. So they rigged up several ways to set up the photo cells on top so it could be turned around and run in another direction.

Bonus: Great lessons on mechanics, engineering, solar power…and yeah… FUN!


I totally love and I get to chat often with @Nordink the creator. Terrific ideas and activities for kids of ALL ages! Try Fun with a 5 dollar bill. Or Creating a Snail City? Or my favorite Make Your Own Placemats! {We are totally doing this one!}

2. I got the inspiration for our Father’s Day Cards from : It’s a no frills site with FABulous ideas!


Oh my gosh I was totally floored by Amy Platon’s idea for a kid crafting area! You will be too! (Hint: those are spice jars filled with paint…) Amy blogs at ScribbleInkCafe.


Oh my crazy cuteness. This one isn’t a project, but sheesh do we just LOVE the designs on this Monkey See, Monkey Do clothing line? The materials are all organic. And when lined up the images tell a story!


Here’s a whole series of great children’s activities from
I love the swimming ideas!

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