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Keyboard Shortcut Keys I Use

August 18, 2009
Keyboard shortcut keys

I can’t live without these babies.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox and Internet in general:

1) There are times when nothing will do but a heart.
Not the word. The icon: i♥u.
alt + 3. {Easy huh? ♥♥♥}

2) I open my pictures folder ALL. THE. TIME. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a keyboard shortcut to open your pictures folder.

3) My new favorite (this is thanks to the fabulous @ErinJeany who promised a tutorial complete with screenshots so-go-bug-her-about-that-eh?) is to download the FireFox Add-on called: InFormEnter. It helps with all that blog-commenting-form-entering especially helpful if you have a long blog title!!

4) F5, I swear the twitter world kept this secret from me! F5 is ‘refresh‘. As in when you are on your replies page in Twitter: F5 will refresh your replies! (And any other webpage.)

5) F6, I just found this one too. Jumps you up to the http:// box when you are in a webpage. I LOVE that!

6) M-dash. What? You know that longish dash thing? Like this—… {alt + 0151}

7) á: alt + 0225 { Voilá!}

8) è: alt + 0232 {When you must type Renèe}

These are some more common ones you might already know, but just in case:

Control T: Opens new tab
Control+shift+T: Opens recently closed tab (need this ALL the time!)
Control W: Closes the 26 open tabs I find opened and I don’t always know how?!
(Would love to be able to highlight and close more than one at a time tho??)
Control A: Select all
Control C: Copy selected
Control V: Paste Selected
Control F: Open Search Bar
Control J: Open downloads box (good when you need to revisit a recent download)
Control K: Switch to google search bar
Escape button: Stops loading a page
And a whole slew more @: Arnold’s Site.

Jenn from You Know That Blog has added some more ‘alt codes‘ (I didn’t even know they were called that!)

© alt+0169
° degree alt+176
¢ alt+0162

Here is a list of more ‘alt codes‘.

Does anyone know how to get to create a shortcut for entering a link? {It’s control-K in word?}

Photo Credit: Kathryn_Rotondo