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January 9, 2010
Jump Into Learning All Year Long!

It has been nearly a year since my kids have been members of the online 3-D world. My 5yrold is now reading level 1 books, I think he shocks himself at times! My middle child is still totally enamored of the more creative artistic portions of the site. She especially loves the fashion show parts!

Take a look at all the new areas that have been added to this year! If you haven’t jumped into for a while, it’s worth taking a fresh look:

(Click to enlarge!)

Plus we love that the ‘world’ is decorated for the holidays, complete with fireworks and wintery themes! Can’t wait to see what Valentine’s will bring!

goodncrazy blue dots
From the Blog:

PhotobucketIt is amazing to think that just one short year ago, our online game was a single-player world with only one major portal – StoryLand. Now, from the moment you enter, you are surrounded by dancing Jumpeez, swerving rides, bouncing pets, and grinning emoticons. Plus, with the addition of the FutureLand, AdventureLand, MarineLand, SpeedDrome, DownTown, and Neighborhood portals, MainStreet is just the beginning of the fun. giveaway contest is offering a one year membership
to one GoodNCrazy reader!
Worth $75.

12 month JumpStart Membership includes complete access to and 4 full-length retail games!


REQUIRED: Please leave a comment…

Tell me what you hope to help your child(ren) learn in 2010!

OPTIONAL: Click the tweet message below and share with your friends! (Leave a separate comment with your twitter time stamp.)

Win a full year’s membership from! Worth $75


Entries are due Saturday (January 16th) by 9PM PST. No purchase necessary to enter. Winners will be selected by me via Winner will be contacted by Jumpstart to create their membership account.
You may enter your twitter option once per day. Entries are invalid if there is no email attached.
Winner will be notified and have 24 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If no response is received within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Open to participants 18 years and older.

*disclosure: I have worked with and acted as a brand advocate for

Jumpstart LearnNPlay

November 4, 2009

Escape the Everyday
Use Playtime as Learning Time! has released a fabulous new Wii game!


And you do just that. You play and gather fun things and when you have enough.. you get to float away on a hot air balloon, Dorothy Style! And of course all there is so much learning while they are playing they hardly realize what they are getting out of it! #learnNplay baby!

goodncrazy blue dots

My 8yrold’s favorite part is the fashion show. {No wonder, I think}, she has been creating American Girl Doll dress up clothes for nearly 2 years now. She’s a regular fashion designer diva these days!

fashion show wii kids game

The 5yrold prefers… um. Everything. I asked him and he couldn’t decide. He is all about numbers right now.. so the math games rock. But he is seriously on the cusp of reading, so the library part is perfect!

And they all like the music!

What does mom likes the best? That they barely realize they are learning. Numbers, letters, shapes, music…. what could be better? Well besides brownies?

math skills kid game wii jumpstart

goodncrazy blue dots

And Guess what! is giving away A whole Escape Package. {Well THREE to be exact..}
Did I mention a $250 spafinder gift card for mom… uh huh, as in ESCAPE!

Plus they are giving away 50 copies of the new Wii game:
JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

And here’s what the 3 Lucky Escape Package Winners will recieve:

  • 1 copy of JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island (rated E by the ESRB)
  • 1 Nintendo Wii console – to escape boredom
  • $250 in SpaFinder® gift certificates – to escape stress
  • 1 Flip™ Mino HD video camera – to record your adventures
  • 3 lifetime JumpStart memberships – 1 for you, 2 to share with friends
  • 500 virtual coins – to keep your kids’ online adventure exciting
  • JumpStart gear – to dress for adventure

Sorry don’t enter here for this amazing giveway! Goto the Blog to Enter.
All you have to do is answer this question:

PhotobucketHave you and your kids ever built a “pirate ship” out of couch cushions?

Explored the backyard in search of “fairies”?

Hunted under the bed for “buried treasure”?

We want to hear about how your family uses imagination to escape the everyday and turn life into an adventure! Tell us your story for a chance to win.

What are you wating for? Hurry! Ends Nov. 16th.

If you have any questions feel free to follow and chat with @Jumpstart_Erin

goodncrazy blue dots

Here’s how my family escapes….

On Sunday nights The Dad figure bakes cookies with the kids. They make a big giant mess and I get to stay OUT of the way. They learn: measuring, the importance of Dad time, and just how many chocolate chips they can pilfer before dad notices.

Another Dad activity is carving pumpkins. If it’s left to mom, they get a bagful of markers to decorate it. With Dad it’s all knives and designs and gross insides! They learn: Dad is awesome, big knives are sharp and sometimes make dad bleed, and pretending to blow chunks while holding pumpkin guts in your hand is hilarious!


What does your family do that encourages learning while playing? Tell the Jumpstart Team and win!

disclaimer: Jumpstart provided a wii game for the goodncrazy team to review. I participated in the #learnNplay campaign in the month of October.

#LearnNplay: Let’s Rock Your Child’s Learning Experience!

October 9, 2009
Sponsorship Disclosure:
For the Month of October GoodNCrazy will be sponsored by Knowledge Adventure. #learnNplay wii games children

{What does that mean?}
It means Knowledge Adventure (creators of has agreed to help send me to Blogworld and SITScation in Las Vegas. I get to share Jumpstart treats and goodies with the other bloggers at the conventions! I also get to help spread the word that Jumpstart would like to work with other bloggers… And stay tuned… I get to share some exciting new games and prizes coming out later in the month!

As a clear and open disclaimer I want to let everyone know that when I am using Twitter and Facebook and you see me using the hashtag:


It will be because:

1. I love Jumpstart. The product. The people. And because my kids have used Jumpstsart computer games since they were toddlers and could barely click a mouse!

2. I will be compensated and have agreed to:

  • mention the products I already use and love
  • share about exciting new products coming out
  • help reveal the new Jumpstart Wii game
  • let everyone in on a big upcoming contest and giveaway that will go live later in the month on the Blog!

goodncrazy blue dots

Feel free to Jump in! #learnNplay is for everyone!

Moms. Dads. Aunts. Friends. Pets? And of course… KIDS!

  • How do YOU learn as you play?
  • How do your kids?
  • How do the grandparents get involved?
  • Where do you learn new things and where do you play?
goodncrazy blue dots

Great #learnNplay ideas from Jumpstart:

Play Petz Bingo. Free Downloadable Game Sheets with Jumptastic pets as Bingo slots!

Create your own Fall Wreath with your kids! Simple and easy and your kids will love exploring the neighborhood to ‘research’ leaf designs!

And for Halloween? Boo-Tiful Bat Crafts! Help kids with their motor skills and color recognition then play with your decorations!

MORE #learnNplay ideas: Flowery Pencil Pots, Science Projects with Vinegar and Baking Soda, The Bubbling Cauldren

Check out My Review of the Current Jumpstart Wii Game:

Pet Rescue

And introducing the newest area of the 3D interactive online game:


JumpStart: The Wii Edition

August 25, 2009

My Kids Are So Excited About The New Jumpstart Game for Wii!


A few months ago I got word from {kids educational computer game gurus} that they were about to release their first Wii game!

It’s called Pet Rescue
Talk about a rockin’ name? They showed me this video and I made the mistake of showing my 5yrold! He jumped up and down and has been giving me grief for weeks…

“when is it coming…?”

“Is it here yet…?”

TaDah! Last week..? It came. Jumpstart Pet Rescue for Wii.


And away we go……!

Boy playing Jumpstart Wii Pet Rescue Game

TK playing the Wii right out of the box… he can play most of the Pet Rescue areas, but he needed help with several parts. No worries? He simply roped his big sisters into ‘helping’ him.. Which really meant they got sucked into playing, and even completing a few levels of their own!

Even my 8yrold is thrilled to play the game. She said she wished it were a little bit more challenging, though? So that tells me it’s a great game for the age range of 4-8. Because it is plenty challenging for my 5yrold!

Here are some direct quotes from TK:

“When you’re at “Petland” you can teach your pet tricks! I taught my doggy to roll over and to jump up and up REALLY high!”

“There’s this slide thingy and when you go on it, that’s my other favorite part. It’s like a rope and it’s like you’re saving somebody, it’s like a Hang Glider!”

“When you fill up a book, (not really read it..) the first one was: my first day of school and you fill the whole book up and it stays in the library and when you go out of the library there’s another pet and it jumps out of a hiding place!”

GoodNCrazy Giveaway! CLOSED

April 22, 2009

See winners announced below!

Time to Jump into A Giveaway!

Watching my kids play around with has basically made me jealous! I am totally loving seeing what they see. And now YOU can too! JumpStart has generously offered my readers 2 chances to win a 6 Month subscription AND an age appropriate CD game as well. Together these are worth nearly $70!

In addition to the online interactive 3D, we received a Kindergarten CD-rom game called ‘The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin’. Each of these types of games comes with 2 levels that work immediately, but you get to unlock 10 extra levels when you have an online membership with Legend Of Grizzly McGuffin

I think I would have to say that my little boy spends most of his time using this game. He gets frustrated when the online game says ‘loading…’! My 8yrold plays the online version more (her patience level is higher huh?) And does the 11yrold use any of this? She’ll tell you no!

But you know how when Barney or the Wiggles are on and even though it’s like scratching a chalkboard, you tend to stop a second and watch the stuff on the screen? And then you can’t seem to look away? This is a little like that for her… not the scratching chalkboard part.. OH, forget the analogy! She ‘helps’ her little brother and then gets pulled in, sometimes I catch her playing and TK has walked off!

I want to make this clear. This giveaway is more than just a giveaway. It is round two of this GoodNCrazy Jumpstart campaign!

It’s a chance to hang with the marketing team of In fact you will get the chance to run your own review and host a giveaway (if you choose!) If you win my contest I will do my best to help you get the word out about your site and your review/giveaway. And you have two more chances after mine to win with Angie at Seven Clown Circus starting on Friday! There were two winners already over at StopDropandBlog!

So here are the details:

There will be two winners, decided by random drawing from comments on this post.

What each will win~~

  • 1 6 Month Subscription to
  • 1 CD-rom game for either {Kindergarten, First Grade or Second Grade}


Winner agrees to post a review on their own blog (I’ll help you start one if you don’t have one I promise!) And has the option to host a giveaway as well, after email contact with the marketing team.

Rules and all the blah blah blah~~

Please become a fan of Jumpstart via Facebook. Come back here and leave me a comment about a discussion you either read about, started or added a comment to. (Leave the url of the discussion in the comment here.) If you aren’t on Facebook.. give it a shot! Still not working? Then leave a comment somewhere on the Jumpstart blog and that will count!

Extra Entries~~

  1. Follow @Jumpstart_erin on twitter. (Leave a comment here when you’ve done that.)
  2. Tweet This Sentence:

    Jumping Into JumpStart: A Giveaway!

    (Leave a comment here when you’ve done that WITH your username as well.)

  3. Check out the JumpStart Blog and tell me something about one of the articles on the home page. (Leave a comment here about the blog.)
  4. Follow my blog! (Tell me in the comments.)

That’s four extra chances to win! I’m serious about helping create a blog if needed! Good luck, and as always please leave me a way to find you!

Contest will end Thursday April 23rd (that’s tomorrow) @9PM Pacific.

MoziEsme of has won one of the prize packages.


Joy of All Because Two People Fell In Love won the 2nd package!


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Other JumpStart Posts in the campaign.

Momming It Forward in Portland

April 21, 2009

What a perfect little weekend getaway!

My husband was traveling last week, he landed in Portland one day before we drove in. It was a 5 hour drive for me, but quite possibly some of the most gorgeous country on EARTH! I’m serious. When you think of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. THAT’s where I was! From 5 feet of snow on the top to crabapple trees in bloom down the other side!

Eating lasagna at Cheri‘s house. THANKS so much for letting us stop over and eat your YUMMY food!! {And play with your dog!} How’s this for sweet of her, it was HER birthday and she made dinner for US!!?

The next morning we rocked the Portland Saturday Market, with all the little artisan shops. My husband got a little bored though.. He was all? How many spices, and blown glass can you look at? But my 11yrold was soo in love with these twirling whirly gigs with a large round glass orb in the center. “Only $20 mom! I’ll pay for it, I will!”

She and her sister ended up with cute matching hats instead…

Later that night I ditched the family and went to The Fat Straw Cafe down in the ‘OH.MY.HECK awesome neighborhood of the Hawthorne District’.

I met up with:
Michelle (@DapperSnappers)
Cheri (@nottoosticky)
CC (of If Only I Had Superpowers blog fame!)

And others… We had a great time, talking and getting to know each other.

{And trying out Bubble Tea, very cool, very weird,
who knew tapioca balls would be a phrase I’d say out loud??}

We all tried out the Yummy products from Basa Body. And we all agreed the Lotion smelled divine, and the mint chocolate soaps from the Kiss Me Kit were VERY hard not to outright lick! And… we agreed the best thing in the kit is the Basa Body Stick. It has a subtle smell, BUT OH!…you will be smitten the first time you rub this on your elbows! 100% coconut oil, what’s not to love?

I rubbed the stick on my 8yrold’s atrociously dry hands AFTER she fell asleep and I swear her hands were soooo much better in the morning! Imagine what this will do for your feet!!

We raised over $200 for and the mom entrepreneurs in Kenya that night! And a lot of why we were able to do that was thanks to our sponsors. Will you do me a favor and click over to each of these sponsors and say thanks with your mouse?

  • Have you seen these Toddler belt clips? I promise if you have a toddler you need to SEE these! These are the kinds of thing you will be seeing on Oprah soon, so if you hurry you will be able to say: “I knew about Dapper Snappers waaay before!
  • I’ve already been singing my 4yrold’s praises of this site.. go see for yourself… or wait til tomorrow when I’ll be giving away a 6month subscription!
  • You absolutely must see the Mother’s Day gift ideas.. I picked this chocolate explosion of a gift! What would you pick out for YOURself!?

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WEEK 2: Jumping into

April 14, 2009
Art and Progress Reports Oh My!

Sassy my 8yrold ‘overheard’ a twitter conversation I was having with Erin from I had seen this TwitPic rough draft image and was giving Erin a hard time that my kid could draw as well as that! (She was home from school with Pink Eye.)

Anyway, the next thing I knew.. Sassy had pulled up the site and was ‘sketching’ this picture. I thought she had put the paper up to the screen and copied it.. NOPE she assured me she just looked at it and then drew it later. (The computer screen was off when I walked in on her.) I was all, should we skip the 2nd grade and go straight to art school?? @Jumpstart_Chris (one of the artists with what do you think??

Last week Angie from Seven Clown Circus asked:

What’s most important to you in helping your children learn?
My answer… hmm… That’s hard to put into words?
I agree with Angie, they need to be having fun while learning. But also, they need to know they can do it… which doesn’t always mean giving in when something’s hard. My little boy wants badly to be able to tie his shoes. He knows there’s a bunny and a tree but what the heck to do at that point!? He gets frustrated. I think it’s important to help them learn while at the same time help them see their potential even though they need to have patience to reach it… Am I even making sense here??

And Jenna from over at StopDropandBlog points out how safe the online game is.

I hadn’t really given that much thought.. my kids are getting older now and they have a whole ‘tab’ on the computer of their ‘safe’ games and such.. but for a second there she reminds me that it’s time to have a chat with them about online safety, you know? Remind them that we don’t give out any personal information for any reason.

It’s nice to be assured that 1) Jumpstart is a single player game, there is no interaction with outside other players, and 2) You the parent register and log in.

Which leads me to another part of Jumpstart that I’m in love with:
They send you little tracking newsletter progress reports right to your email box. How cool is that… No, not grades or anything, take a look at this screenshot of TKs report:

If you click to enlarge it you can see there are all these areas of learning that he has passed off or is still working on. There are a LOT of these areas. See the dots above the chart? there are 4 total pages with that many dots each!? (Note the low score still in following directions!)I love seeing his progress nearly in real time.. He passed off the calendar area the other day, I was all what? You know the days of the week? Sure enough on a real calendar he pointed out how it all works.. ‘duh’ mom!

Now I’d like to introduce you one of the marketing Queens behind…

This is Erin, ain’t she cute??
She said she has in fact put on that costume before and it’s all hot and dank inside..

Part of the reason I wanted to try out a 3 week campaign with JumpStart was to create a conversation with my readers and friends not just with me about a product I love… but to help you see the real people behind the scenes.

A great way to do that? TWITTER.

I’d like you to send
And @jumpstart_Paul
And @jumpstart_Chris
And @jumpstart_Glenn
some questions you have about kids and learning and problems with learning and how you can help your kids with various areas from Math to Social Studies… That’s right…

STEP one: head over to twitter and follow each of them.. tell them Carissa sent you and that you have a question for them.

STEP two: ask away.

They have all promised to be very nice and not bite.

I’ll go first: (pretend I’m on twitter…)

@jumpstart_chris What do you suggest for a budding artist inside an 8yrold body? Let her do free form stuff, give her a class, what??


@jumpstart_paul How does one even start to create an online virtual world? How many ppl hours go into something like this?

See that didn’t hurt.. Now it’s your turn.


Also if you have any comments and you are okay with it, someone from will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have! Thanks to everyone last week who helped out with the internet speed testing, Erin was very grateful!

Please follow up with Angie and Jenna‘s week 2 posts as well… and stay tuned for the giveaways next week! (hint: following the Jumpstart team will be required so get started!)

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Look Mom I Spelled Apple!

April 8, 2009

My 4yrold Jumps into Math and Reading

I received an email several weeks ago from Erin representing They wondered if I’d like to have a look at the newly launched 3D interactive world?
(Jumpstart…? as in the makers of the Math Blaster learning games…)

Let me think…

I didn’t realize they had created an online version of their games!

All my kids used JumpStart games starting at the age of 18months! I’m serious, they make a Toddler JumpStart, and yes it attempts to teach colors and shapes… But honestly the best thing about that game, is that it taught my toddlers to USE a COMPUTER MOUSE!

I already love JumpStart, in fact we owned a whole stack of their CDs. From pre-school to 2nd grade to science. But. Once we upgraded to a new operating system…all those CDs were unusable! Now with the online game no worries about obsolete CDs. There is a free area of the site and for $7.99/month (sheesh, how much LESS than preschool is THAT?) you can become a member and unlock the whole Adventureland.

I basically pounced all over Erin and convinced her to sell me her soul let me run a different kind of bloggy campaign. I kept telling her, my kid LOVES the site! I’d love to share with my readers more than just a one night stand of a review and throw some free giveaways at them… (and believe it or not… she agreed!?)

Here are some kid quotes:

TK: “I love my ‘Jumpster‘!” (What he called his Jumpee character)
Sassy: “Ooooo this looks cool!” (When she realized there was a Painting Place)
First morning after using
TK literally just waking up: “Can I play with my ‘Jumpster’? Oh. Can I have breakfast first and then can I play with my ‘Jumpster’?”

TK: “Mom don’t let her use MY ‘Jumpster’!?”

TK: “Dad! I made a Jumpster! And it has green hair! …and it’s wearing a sweater… and it has green eyes…!” Then: “Baby Snakes can take care of themselves—” (that last part was apropos of nothing.)

Mom: “What’s the best part of the game?”
TK: “I got a DESK!”
Sassy: “The Waterslide!”

And this was all in one breath:
TK: “Oh! You can talk to them—See! I’m at the ZippyMart! All sorts of stuff see?
I’ve got 12 ‘diamonds’. Oh! I need to take my dog a bath! (in a squeee voice) Looks like a cat, but it’s really a dog. Now I’m gonna go play some games—oh—there’s a faster way—(clicks map)—See! I’m at the Math Arcade!”

The thing is, there is so much going on visually and playfully that at some point he totally has no idea how much he’s learning. Colors, Counting, Letters, Phonics….

Take a look at this video I took of him. See how effortless subtraction is for a FOUR YEAR OLD, and bonus if you can tell what the word is he spells at the end…and the color of his socks!

What a perfect time to get my kid involved in a fun interactive learning game. He can’t help but enjoy himself, learning is so fun, he doesn’t even know he’s doing it!

I contacted a couple other bloggers (Angie and Jenna) and I asked them if they’d like to get involved with For a 3 week GoodNCrazy Campaign.

What does that mean? Stay tuned… Each of us will be blogging once a week for 3 weeks about our children’s experience with
At the end don’t worry we will be ‘throwing’ some JumpStart product at you. But the thing is… we’d really like for you to INTERACT with the company. And the giveaways will come with a twist..

I’m serious about the interacting. Erin is in the marketing department with Jumpstart. She is happy to answer any questions you might have about the website. I’ll forward her your comment and she’ll contact you directly. (Let me know if you don’t want her to email.)


If you’d rather, go ahead and tweet her directly @JumpStart_Erin. She’ll be more than happy to respond. I promise she’s more than just a logo behind the username.

And I’m totally impressed with the Jumpstart Blog.

Great tips and ideas from crafts with your kids (See this butterfly spring craft.)
Ideas to get your kids involved in Spring Cleaning.
And solving behavioral issues like Taming Tantrums.


Hint: interacting with the company and the website.. WILL be part of the giveaways!

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