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Thank You, and Lessons Learned

August 16, 2008
Hi everyone.
And by that I mean ALL of you!
Thanks so much for caring about my lack of nutrition.
{My stomach thanks you too.
See post below.}

For understanding.
Really, you’re awesome.

I promise in about 3 (….maybe 4) weeks. I’ll be back. I’ll be commenting on your blogs…wait, I’ll be reading your blogs, and then commenting. I’ll return ALL your emails (Did I mention you are awesome?) And I swear on my mother’s china (oh please let it make the move intact) that I will get back to real food. Serious homemade-hand-shucked-bottled-myself goodness. {And no-my kids aren’t living on jellied chocolates and Mountain Dew…I swear!} Okay Macaroni and Cheese, and peanut butter sandwhiches. (The jellied chocolates were in the food storage tucked away since Christmas…what? I didn’t want to move them all the way to Oregon, might as well eat ’em now right?? I mean right?)

And now. Really quickly. I have about 2 minutes to share some pictures.

First. Welcome to BEAUTIFUL Oregon:
Mt. Hood from 24,000 feet. Breathtaking. I know.

Second: Would you like to know why they do NOT show you outer pictures of some rental houses?

This is why.

Gorgeous, eh?
Instead they highlight the ‘view‘.

And while it is pretty amazing. It took 3 switchbacks on a narrow lane of a path to get up to it in the first place. I kid you not this was the first house we saw. (Things did get better).

Now for the Thirdly: When you are only looking at rentals, you quickly learn that while the house might work for you and your brood…

The yard may not. But yards? Whoneedsem?