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June 10, 2009

Will Blog for Maid Service - The New Simple Way to Find and Schedule Cleaning Services

Over 2 years ago I created an online business. I started out with a community forum, complete with local sponsors… one of my main goals was simply to make enough money to have help cleaning my house once a month….

That online community never took off
(although the porn spammers were sure active!)

And in the mean time, I was the only one who cleaned!

But last Friday? Via I was able to schedule a partial house cleaning. Oh my gosh is that like the best present ever??

Seriously I have spent HOURS scrubbing and soaking and scrubbing some more on my very WHITE stovetop… I had totally given up making it sparkle. LOOK at what that baby looks like now!! And I have no idea how they did it?

Wanna know another dream of mine?

To have my house cleaned WHILE I’m away somewhere. Oh can you imagine coming home to a sparkling house? I swear I thought my shower doors were glazed. HELLO? They are clear! Who knew!

I was totally impressed with the personal service of BidMyCleaning. I mean, I live out in po-dunk of po-dunk. And when I first took a look at the site there was no service in my zipcode. I was bummed, and replied to @bidmycleaning via twitter (O’Brian is the owner). He was undaunted however, and told me to go ahead and schedule a cleaning anyway… if you schedule they will come??

And sure enough he was able to search around in my tiny town and find a national cleaning service to come and do the work! {Think I was excited!? Yeah baby!}

When you go through they will even help you negotiate the price.

  • Need your windows cleaned? Send in a request!
  • A deep cleaning before your husband’s surprise 40th birthday party..? Call ’em up!
  • How about getting your basement’s carpet cleaned? Yup. They can line that up too.
  • Would this so totally make the best birthday gift for your sister??

It’s easy, just submit a request and be sure to talk to O’Brian @bidmycleaning or Candice @CandiceStone. You’ll love it!

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