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Paperspring Holiday Photo Cards

December 2, 2009

It’s that time.
Time for CHEER.
Time for Eggnog.
Time for Snowflakes and tacky Sweaters.

…and time for LISTS.

goodncrazy blue dots

Huh? Lists?

Yup. The sit down make a list of all the people you need to send Christmas cards to.
Let’s see…

Oh crap. First realize you have lost EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS you had been keeping on outlook that recently blewup. All the relatives. All the friends from New York, New Jersey and Utah. Oh bother!!

Start a New Address List:

All the aunts and uncles. (Can’t forget them.) All your siblings. (Should I send cards to ex-siblings-in-law?) Cross off the ones who aren’t around this year. (I miss my grandma.) Count up all your cousins and realize how few you actually can locate addresses for.. cross them off too. Friends from New York? New Jersey? Utah? And finally Oregon… whew! That’s a lot?? Do You need to send a card to your immediate neighbors… I mean won’t a plate of cookies do? Then there are all the teachers…. school teachers, piano teachers, dance teachers, band teachers oh my and coaches too? Wow..

How did the list get to be 250 people?


Friends from NY/NJ/Utah that I have at least friended on Facebook and can at least message for a dang address.

Ahhh much better.

Oh no… realize there are A LOT of amazing fun/pretty/funky/elegant cards to chose from over at!

HELP!! Which would you chose??

Lady in Red
Fancy and Elegant?

Funky Green

Brown hits the snowflake spot

PhotobucketHurry if you order before Dec7th you get 20% off with code: HOLIDAYCARD

Disclaimer: No snowflakes were harmed in the making of these holiday cards.
However paperspring did spring for a complementary order for the Rogers’ family.

Science For Christmas??

November 28, 2009
What do Diet Coke and Mentos have in common?

Watch this video and find out!

NOTE the 24 second mark or you’ll miss the action!!
goodncrazy blue dots

I keep raving about how much my little boy is all over anything hands on. He wants project books for Christmas. He begs to look up project ideas online. He won’t let me check out picture books from the library anymore!

Well guess what?
I’ve found the perfect gift idea for my little science geek.

Review: Steve Spangler Science Kits
Price: $4.95 – $19.95 and up
Size: Small… from test tubes to small canisters to 4″x5″ boxes
Mess Factor: can be high, but with supervision nothing 5yrolds can’t handle

PhotobucketAha Factor: What’s NOT surprising and fun here? A Diet Coke Bottle Eruption!!? The teeny tiny frog robot kit (Robotikits) worked great! And look how cute this is? Hop Hop Hop… we found out it doesn’t work through windows only outside. Great observations to be made.

robotikits Frog solar powered steve spangler

robotikits steve spangler science

Something else we loved playing with was the ‘Insta Snow‘. Talk about fun to watch, fun to play with and if you put it in a big enough bowl it wasn’t messy either. And hey if you order any product today from you get a container of Fake Snow free!

The last thing we had a ball playing with were the test tubes full of growing polymer experiments. From color changing beads to growing orbs, to a tiny alligater that GROWS! All with instructions and explanations and ideas for how to chart your ‘projects’. Was my little boy in Heaven?? OH YEAH.

PhotobucketThumbs Down Thoughts: The frog kit was seriously hard to put together. Partly because the parts were so small. The instructions were good, but no way even my 12yrold could have done this kit. Plus there were no extra parts, and at one point we lost a little screw… had to use a magnet to find it! (extra science lesson there huh?) The rest of our experments were easy and fast and though slightly messy, FUN for my kids!

goodncrazy blue dots

PhotobucketYGWYPF: (yougetwhatyoupayfor) I think the experiments are priced well. You do have to go buy your own Diet Coke, but the Mentos and tube are provided and $5 is a great stocking stuffer price. The frog solar robot is $14 and so far still working and entertaining us. The Insta-Snow is $10 for a small container but it’s big enough for a LOT of fun, and perfect for stocking stuffing too!

PhotobucketWho is Steve Spanger?
Nobody has more fun teaching science than Steve Spangler. He earned his credentials as a science author, teacher, professional speaker, toy designer and an Emmy award-winning television personality. But, he remains a big kid at heart as he teaches people how to launch potatoes, whip up the perfect batch of slime and turn an ordinary bottle of soda into an erupting geyser of fun. His best-selling science kits and educational toys help to get kids excited about science at home…. (and he) demonstrate his true passion for making learning fun. — website

Disclosure: Product provided by

Kid Science Projects

November 22, 2009
My little boy LOVES the library.

Shocker huh? I’m sure a lot of little boys love the library. My girls certainly still do. But the thing is: He never leaves the little kid NON-fiction area.


goodncrazy blue dots

He calls it the ‘projects’ area.
And we nearly have the whole section memorized. Rocks and Mineral books are over here on the right. The planet and space books are up there on the left. The Monster Truck drawing books are down at the end. But oh my goodness the ones we MUST have, as in have checked out twice and thrice and more? They are right there in the middle. THE PROJECT BOOKS.


He is in love with anything science. He doesn’t allow me to check out picture books for him anymore. Our most recent trip scored 2 Magic School Bus Videos and possibly one of the best ‘project’ books we have yet to find. Gizmos and Gadgets! (Translation, the projects inside are easy to do, short lived and work with literally the household items we have on hand at home…) I hate when a project includes: run to the store buy $14 of weird stuff you will never use again, go home & make a huge messy project, ending with mom turning into a monster at the end of the day.

Two of our favorite projects from this book are: Creating a sling shot airplane (above) and a Friction Robot (see the video)!

My Friend Barb showed me the wonder of Steve Spangler Science Kits… And YAY! Can you say 5yrold HEAVEN (Or Christmas presents and stocking stuffers!) I’ll show some of the kits next week…

Thanksgiving 4-1-1

November 17, 2009

From my Foodie Friend Chris Perrin…
I have an announcement!
Wild Turkey in display.

This November 26th you have a job.
It’s Thanksgiving and for one day, it is your duty to stuff yourself silly with all the turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, and pies you can eat.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

There’s only one problem. Someone has to cook it. Someone has to bake the turkey, make creamy mashed potatoes, stuff the stuffing, dress the dressing, fill the pies, and maybe pour a cocktail or two. Or ten, depending on your family.

If last year’s turkey turned out a little less then perfect, if you are bored with regular Thanksgiving fare and want to try something new, or if you are on the eve of making your first Thanksgiving dinner, then’s Thanksgiving 4-1-1 is for you!

PhotobucketTHIS THURSDAY EVENING 7PM Central!!
Email or DM Chris to be included!

It’s an hour long (maybe more) conference call about all things Thanksgiving cooking hosted by founder Chris Perrin. Best part: it’s free. Just dial in and ask away!

Also, all Thanksgiving 4-1-1 attendees can sign up for Thanksgiving 9-1-1, personalized consulting to get you through any Turkey Day challenge. Hurry, slots are filling up!

goodncrazy blue dots

Done Turkey!!!

I am giving my personal testimony of Chris’s long distance skillz. Last year I was part of his Thanksgiving Turkey Talk. Get this… He walked me through BRINING a Turkey! Not sure what that means… ? Then ask Chris… he’s the expert after all!

photo credit: flickr, flickr, flickr

Zhu Zhu Pets, They Zhu-Zhuoom!

September 16, 2009

Pronounced: Zoo Zoo Pets.
As in totally Zooming around your kitchen!

And if you have:

  • Kids with allergies?
  • Kids who love pets and animals?
  • Kids who are 5.. or 8 or heck… 18!
  • Kids who heart putting together play sets and such?
  • Kids who would rather play with a toy that gets THEM moving and active too?
  • Kids who forget to feed the cat and when it’s their turn to scoop the kitty litter… they are conveniently busy with homework?

Oh You Do?

Then… THE MOM will love these adorable little guys.

What are they?

Hamsters on wheels…that’s what!

And dang if they aren’t smart little guys! In fact they are too real for my kitty’s taste! I especially like that a 3yrold will play with them totally different than an older kid. A friend here said: “Can my Dudes go in there too?” He was all happy to have his Spiderman figurine interact with them!

We have two little hamster Zhu Zhu dudes: the white one’s name is Chunk.. how adorable is that? And we also have Mr. Squiggles. I advise NOT getting the white one.. ohmygosh ours is so NOT white anymore… he’s— … he’s well loved and he needs a BATH let’s just put it that way..

GoodnCrazy Kid Quotes:

  • He parked mom! He parked the CAR!—5yrold
  • It can go down the slide by itself! —11yrold
  • I don’t like the name Mr. Squiggles can I call mine Pipsqueak?
    I like that name better.—8yrold
  • Look! He’s in the bathroom? Did he poop? —5yrold (of course)

I seriously love the ‘U’ connectors — the easiest way to connect all the parts and they seem VERY strong! In fact at first they are so strong they are hard to get apart when you want to change your little hamster house configuration. You can see there are MANY many ways to put all this together. Which for the older kids is just as much fun as playing with the little dudes!

If I were only going to buy one accessory for my Zhu Zhu pet?
I’d get the car and garage set. My 5yrold little boy especially likes playing and helping his pet ‘drive’. Or get the Spinning Wheel, it really is amazing that the little pet can climb into AND out of it! Neither of these really need the ‘Fun-house’ but that would be the 2nd thing I’d pick up to start out a set.

So far the only real complaint I have is that the batteries they came with ran out in the first 24 hours? But the second set of batteries have lasted for weeks?

Happy Zhu Zhu zooming!


I was totally shocked when I saw that Zhu Zhu pets and accessories are mostly sold out everywhere? Wow? What’s the deal? There are a few sets available at FEROCIOUS prices on and a few other sites.. but I’m hoping they have them back in the regular stores soon??!

We are going to need one more little Zhu Zhu; cuz two for 3 kids.. um.? Doesn’t work!

ToysRUs prices them at $23 for a 3pack of pets and $20 for a Funhouse… but the better deal is $85 for a ‘giant’ playset including several accessories and 2 pets. It says they are out of stock though? I hope Santa is listening… try your local store??

Walmarts are also supposed to have them, but so far they don’t have any online?

*Products via MomSelect