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What To Do With All Those Boiled Eggs?!

April 12, 2009

Does Everyone have weird dinners you ate as a kid but didn’t realize were weird until your husband looked at you as if you had grown a third eye??

I have a few of those.
Here’s one:

Cream Egg Over Toast


  • 2T Butter
  • 2T Flour (+)
  • 1 Can chicken broth
  • 1-2 boullion cubes
  • A little milk (1/4 cup to 1/2 cup)
  • Mustard (1-2T as you like it)
  • 5-6 boiled eggs-peeled and sliced in rounds (preferably dyed!)
  • {optional: cumin, salt and pepper, diced ham}
  • Toast

Melt butter on med. high, in a 2qt. sauce pan, add the flour and whisk around a few minutes. (will be lumpy) Add the chicken broth, boullion and whisk until smooth. Cook stirring often until bubbly. Turn down heat, add milk (create thickness you desire here) add mustard and whisk until combined. Turn off heat and add sliced eggs.

Ladle over two slices of toast and Voila.. weird dinner to help use up the eggs….!
My kids eat this—would yours?

~~~~Another weird dinner?

We eat a bowl of leftover rice, with milk, butter, cinnamon and sugar… simple—but better than quesadillas over and over huh? (My oldest eats this for breakfast in fact!)

What’s your weird dinner?

~~~~Got a Great Recipe you want to share?
Link up over at Rachel’s Place for Mouthwatering Mondays at A Southern Fairytale. I did!
{you should see the comments about all that PEPPER on her potatoes!}

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